Create animated text video to increase your sales

It's easy and fun to create original videos with animated text. The days when you needed a team of designers to create a quality video are gone. SUPA Video Maker has dozens of text samples, thousands of background templates and professional photos to help you make your creative video in just 10 minutes.

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Why does your video need animated text?

80% of users remember the video ad they watched in the last month. Videos are shared on social media 12 times more often than text and images combined.

Video is becoming a key factor in viewers’ purchasing decisions. At first, potential customers pay attention to a well-done video, then animated text draws attention to important information, and then the creativity of the video makes the viewer to want to know your brand better. Wyzowl conducted a survey that shows that after watching a brand video, 8 out of 10 people bought the brand's software or app.

According to statistics, by 2022, the amount of consumed Internet videos per month will reach 240 exabytes (one exabyte is over one billion gigabytes). These numbers confirm two things: if you don't use video, then your business has already lost to competitors. The video marketing is obviously the future. Second: among such an abundance of videos, you will have to stand out strongly in order to keep viewer’s attention.

Animated text in video can be a great solution to bring your videos to life and make them more creative. Animated videos catch and hold the viewer's attention faster. The user wants to see what's next. Using such videos, you can inform potential customers about discounts or important information, working hours, new products. It’s important to animation to be bright, eye-catching and with short sentences.

Fortunately, animation is now available not only to professional teams of designers, but to anyone who has 15 minutes of time and the desire to create a great video for their brand without enormous budgets.

59% of CEOs would rather watch a video than read text. Four times more consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it

How to make animated text in SUPA: create your video step-by-step

You can animate text in 10 minutes in the SUPA Video Maker. To do this, you don't need to hire a professional video editing team, you don't need to agree on dozens of projects and spend hours explaining what exactly you want. Now you are the video editing person, you can experiment as much as you want. And at the same time, you can quickly create high-quality videos the way you imagine them. Animated text can move, appear and change according to your preferences.

SUPA provides a wide range of choices: thousands of high-quality pictures and photos for backgrounds from our photo stock, an extensive palette of colors and fonts, excellent templates created by our team.

SUPA is an animated text maker, where you can create free video in the matter of minutes.

Steps for creating an animated video in SUPA:

  • Log in to your personal account or sign in. It's free and you don't need to download any software, the Video Maker works in any browser of your choice.
  • Determine for which social network you plan to make the video, select the video format.
  • Choose template you like from the hundreds samples provided in the SUPA Video Maker, or create your own from scratch.
  • Start modifying the video based on your preferences.
  • Choose a background / photo / picture from our collection. Or upload your photos and videos for background.
  • Add emoji, stickers, elements, frames.
  • Upload your brand logo and brand colors, fonts.
  • Add text.
  • Choose the way you like to animate your text and apply it.
  • Add music to your video.
  • Check the text for grammar, make sure that you have created the correct message and the video fully meets all your expectations.
  • Download your video and upload it to social network or attach to email.

To get oriented in the SUPA Video Maker, you will need 10-15 minutes of free time, and additional time to create the video itself. But once you master the basic functions, editing and creating videos in our maker will become very easy and fun.

Engaging animated videos

While creating your animated video, be sure to keep in mind that video is the key to business success. Statistics confirm that brands that use video in their marketing campaigns get 41% more web traffic from search than those that don't use video. In addition, video leads to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

To create an animated text video is not a difficult task. But creating engaging animated text video that will entice your potential client is a trickier one. We've put together a few tips on how to use SUPA to create awesome, high-quality videos that your subscribers will fell in love with.

One of the main features of each great animated video is that they entertain, engage, and help customers to solve their problems. The easiest way to engage with your audience is through video. The video can tell a full story, which will be spiced up with perfect footage.

You shouldn’t put too much text in the video. However, short exact phrases and a well-thought words, plus the text animation, will become a memorable part of the video. So, you can convey the idea to a wider audience, because the subscriber is interested in what is the next animation or where the text will appear from. It’s smart to emphasize important information with text, since many users watch videos without sound.

For people to remember what they have read, you need to animate the text. This will give the user a better video experience and a higher chance of assimilating the information you need.

To further emphasize animated text in video, use contrast when choosing colors. Choose an organic and contrasting palette at the same time so that the text and its shadows stand out and attract attention. Use branded fonts, colors and logos: create associations in client’s mind.

If you are interested in customers reaction to your promo, then try to attach videos to your emails. It has been proven that the CTR of emails with videos increases by 200-300%.

Create a variety of videos, test the formats that resonate the most with your audience. In SUPA, you can design new creative videos every day and amaze your customers and potential subscribers.

Provide clients with a non-standard new experience of interacting with your video and your business. Or add a new animated text on a photo that your customers previously liked a lot.

Try to avoid common mistakes when creating your video. Try to focus on one product or a combination of several, but don’t try to demonstrate all your products in one video. Introduce a potential buyer to your line of products or services gradually.

The first 3-5 seconds are decisive: the user will either be interested or lose interest in your ad and product due to the tedious beginning of the video. Start the video with something unusual: light provocation or intrigue. That’s why animated text is sometimes the best solution – in the first few seconds you can catch attention.

Try to create video which is short, but understandable. Long videos should be used only if they are a detailed explanation of how to use the product or how to avoid major mistakes when using it. But then again: a 20-minute video is not an option.

For most social media, videos are measured in seconds. In Instagram Stories, for example, videos are “sliced” into 15-second parts, and the maximum length of video in an Instagram feed is 60 seconds. How to create the perfect Stories, read here. Consider which social network you are creating your video for.

Track video analytics and results.

In today's digital world, having a brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube is a must. But your content should be updated regularly. Be sure to consider the feedback from subscribers.

Draw attention to the video with some unusual sound. If such a video hits your potential clients well, then you can use this sound as a repeating element in other videos. This will give the viewer an association of this melody with the brand.

Make a short movie out of your promotional video with characters and storylines, describing the problems of potential customers. Create a video in which the user recognizes himself, help him solve his problem. Use all the storytelling techniques: tell an engaging story with a plot.

Types of videos you can create to attract subscribers

It’s important to create animated text video which is not annoying and time consuming, but solving client’s problem.

Create in our SUPA Video Maker:

  • Explanatory videos – on how to use your products or services. Consumers are most likely to be interested into such stories.
  • Video blog.
  • Video interview.
  • Video presentation of a specific product or brand.
  • Review of the product and its characteristics.
  • Instructional videos are the most popular video format on social media today. Animated videos do an excellent job of illustrating the complex idea in an easy way.
  • Video reviews.
  • Video announcements of sales and promos.
  • Video of giveaways of your products.
  • Video story of how the production or your team is working on daily basis.
  • Useful videos. They are often perceived not as a marketing advertising, but as quality content. Read how to create the right ad here.