How to create a perfect animated video for your business

Create dozens of unique engaging videos with SUPA Video Maker without budgets and skills. We can offer hundreds of samples, ease of use and the ability to customize templates. Take your video marketing to the next level.

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Animated video is the main trend in video marketing

Creating video content for social media has become a must-have marketing strategy for any business. 88% of professional marketers are happy with their video marketing ROI on social media. For example, 85% of all Internet users in the United States watch online content every month on any of their devices. The people of age group of 25-34 mostly watch online videos. The consumption of video content on smartphones is growing every year.

Statistics show that people remember 95% of the messages from the video. From other hand, people remember only 10% of information from text messages. It’s clear that after such incredible numbers, it makes no sense to return to just text messages.

The future belongs to video content, but there are too many videos all over the Internet, and it became increasingly difficult to attract the viewer's attention. One of the easiest ways is to create an animated video. An interactive presentation of your brand, an unusual video story about your product will make your business interesting in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Animated videos are easier to remember, they stay in memory longer, since the text is supported by visualization. And of the top of it all the videos themselves are lively and dynamic. Such type of videos make viewer to feel engaged and watch your promo till its end. People under the age of 36 spend more time watching videos online than traditional TV.

Animated music videos can be used for any purpose of your business. Add it to your emails, blogs, publish animated videos on any social network or use videos for ads, create a tone of voice for your brand.

By 2021, Internet traffic from watching videos will account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic.


How to make an animated video in SUPA

According to Optinmonster, video marketing is responsible for a 54% increase in brand awareness. And 93% of marketers say they found a new customer through videos published on social media.

Videos on social media have become an indispensable attribute of quality content for several reasons:

  • Videos are easy to consume
  • Video can tell a full story
  • Buyers can find out all the necessary details about the product, see the product from all angles
  • It’s easier to perceive statistics and numbers in the video
  • The connection between the consumer and the brand is faster and easier to create
  • The engagement of the audience in videos is growing every year

SUPA offers hundreds of quality video templates. Our Video Maker will allow you to stand out favorably against the competition. The variety of elements, stickers and templates allows you to get creative and make a unique video. You don't need to have video editing skills or practicing for hours to create your first SUPA video. All you need is 15 minutes of your time, a positive attitude and a free account on our website.

With SUPA you can choose when do you want to start main animation, what is the speed of your animation and how your background transparency should look like. An animated background for a video is an important part of a video, so pay special attention to it. Try different rotation / motion, pulsation modes for your ideal video.

SUPA has a simple and easy to use interface, you can figure it out in minutes. There are several video instructions prepared for you. You just click on the necessary buttons, set the size and duration of the frames and the entire video, click on “add an element” button and select the one you need.

A huge plus of our Video Maker is that you don’t need to install any software on your computer. A video of any complexity can be made in the browser that you usually use. You can even create videos on your mobile phone. All videos which were created directly in SUPA are stored in your personal account.

With the help of our Video Maker you can create videos from your photos or new videos from scratch.

If you don't want to bother, then feel free to use our templates, quickly modifying them for the social networks you need.

Create animated video from a series of photos from our stocks. Our media library has thousands of professional photos and images. We are partners with Pixabay, Pexels and Storyblock. You can get inspiration from other users’ templates too.

In addition to animated video, you can also animate text in video. It looks impressive and, most importantly, fulfills the task: to keep user's attention.

To help subscribers quickly identify you, you should add branded fonts, colors and your logo in your SUPA videos. The free version of our Video Maker has many features that will help you create great video without budgets, high-dollar video editing specialists or time loses.

Downloading animated videos is also very easy. Choose the video format: GIF or MP4, choose the resolution and click on the “download” button.

Our SUPA team have made sure that you can create different videos for different social networks. You can create vertical video for Instagram Stories or square video for Instagram feed. Horizontal videos fit perfectly into the Facebook format. Animated covers for this social network are very popular, make yourself one to be in trend. SUPA makes it easy to resize or convert videos, cut, crop or remove unwanted footage.

Edit pictures, text in the template you like, change the size and color of the font, frame duration. Thousands of shapes, elements, emojis, stickers, icons and backgrounds are available for editing in our Video Maker. Making animated videos with SUPA is fun and easy way to express your creativity.

Top-secrets how to make a high-quality video

The marketing strategy of any business can’t survive without video content. 92% of those people who have watched the video on mobile phone, shared it with other people. And these numbers of engagement make it possible to sell goods and services with the help of videos, increase brand awareness and introduce the business to a wide audience. After watching the video, 70% of users note that the probability of buying a product increase significantly.

Before you start to animate your videos, think in advance what you want to portray in this animated video. What idea do you want to convey to the user, what action do you expect from your potential client? After answering these questions, choose template from dozens of SUPA templates that suit you. We have templates for promo video, templates for covers, announcements, infographics, posters, for live images.

An animated video must be created in such way so that viewers understand your message, become interested in your business / product and subscribe to your social networks / buy your product.

  • Create a sample video script: decide what you want show in your video.
  • Decide what emotions you want to evoke and what actions to encourage.
  • Select animation video type, format and template.
  • Decide on the style of the entire video and stick to it.
  • Proceed with the animation itself and add elements, customize video design.
  • Add background music, it can emphasize your idea and create the associations you want.
  • Tell your story in vivid detail and memorable imagery.
  • Edit your video for length, frame change. Double-check the text for grammatical errors.
  • Choose a catching preview for your cover. This is very important, because this picture will clarify whether the viewer wants to continue watching your video or not.

Paid promo

Animated videos are great for advertising and paid promotion. They explain the advantages of the product to the potential client in an easy language with an engaging video sequence. Video formats you can use for brand promotion:

  • Musical animated videos;
  • Educational videos with animation;
  • Explanatory videos;
  • Promo;
  • Animated presentations for business;
  • Entertainment videos;
  • Animated text videos;
  • Animated videos with infographics;

Publish your animated videos on Instagram, you will see how the engagement level of your subscribers will grow. Video is a format that is very easy to consume. In a video, you can demonstrate much more features of your product than in one picture. Use animated text on your video, it gives an additional focus on important information.

When creating a video, think about your potential client: what he would like to see in the video, what is useful and necessary for him can be there. Study your audience and try to meet their expectations. Become a friend to your potential buyer.

Try not to be too official or creating standard videos. Avoid cliché phrases: «‎the best product»‎, «‎only our product can help»‎. Don't make videos because you need to, do it because it helps the client to get to know your business and product, makes his life easier.

Give your client some emotion in the video. Try to be closer to the client, create videos that will evoke pleasant emotions or memories, resonate with important social issues. However, do not forget that your video should overlap with your field of activity, with the product that you offer.

Study the videos of competitors and their ads. But don't copy their style or ideas, just analyze. Pay attention to repetitive elements and clichés in all videos, to any unnecessary references, and stop using them in your videos.

Get inspired by the ideas of international brands that you like and experiment with your videos. Tell more stories about your brand and translate business values to your clients.

Decide how you want to present your business, look at yourself through the eyes of your customers. Make changes until you become the brand you want to be.

Analyze in detail the reaction of your target audience to your ads, videos and products. Use polls and focus groups (in our Video Maker you can easily create video polls). The better you know your potential customers, the easier it’s for you to reach them. Use their “language”, their habits and lifestyle.

Create and publish videos within a clear content strategy. Try to structure and organize all your content. Publish on social networks regularly. Make your social media a well-functioning system and you will see how much faster you will get a response from the audience.

Make your videos realistic. Perfectly retouched images are no longer popular. Users of social networks increasingly appreciate the adequacy and compliance with the realities of life.

Most importantly, just start creating videos, use them, experiment with SUPA, and give customers an experience with brand through video.