How to create a video for business

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Why do you need video for business

You are the owner or marketer of a business that is growing. To increase business development, you need to present your products or services to clients and investors, as well as work on the image and brand awareness.

The best way to do this is to create a video about business.

Studies have shown that the human brain is designed in such a way that it processes and also remembers visual information faster than text.

For this reason, it is easier and more simple to get your message across with a business video.

According to Tubular Insights, 64% of users decide to buy a product after watching a video about business. And Business Shots conducted research, that has shown – users spend much more time on sites with video. And also 85% make purchases there more often.

Moreover, video about business increases a brand's chances of reaching the top of search results. Besides, nowadays SEO promotion with the help of video is easier and cheaper than with websites. Plus, videos are more effective during business meetings. While static presentations are often boring and uninteresting, video engages people and encourages them to discuss the product.

Business videos can attract even the laziest shoppers. Videos are considered as a great learning tool because it can be consumed as simply as possible. The business video will replace dozens of boring description pages. Instead of that, the business video will show your product visually and quickly and reach a wide audience.

What are the types of business video?

Business videos can be different. The main thing is to understand what problem you want to solve with its help and who your target audience is.

There are three main groups of tasks:

The first group is a pre-sale business video. In such stories, the audience is introduced to a product or service, the company itself, or its philosophy.

The second one is a business video for sale. They may resemble classic TV ads, but in recent years, these ads have been made more daring and varied.

The third group is business video for audience retention. This is a video that brings added value to the product for the customer. It creates loyalty and a stable community around the brand.

What video formats can be for business video

Let's consider the main options.

Corporate films. Their goal is to communicate the company’s benefits. Such a business video presents the company from its best side for employees, customers and partners.

Video reports from corporate events. They work to demonstrate the company's philosophy and improve its brand image.

Video reviews. Their task is to increase customer loyalty and promote their products and services.

Video infographics. Its purpose is to explain complex things in simple language.

HR-video. The purpose of such a business video is to create a positive image of the company in the market and distinguish it from competitors.

Content Marketing Video. It displays useful information to help you solve a problem or specific question. In such business videos, the company acts as an expert, thereby gaining the trust of the audience.

How to male video for business

First of all, you should think over the plan for your business video. To do this, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Who is this business video for?
  • Where should it be published?
  • Does this fit into my marketing plan? How exactly?
  • What should a viewer do after watching this business video?
  • Why this business video is worth to be watched?
  • Who is the video for – the current or potential customers?
  • How will this business video help clients?
  • How long does it take to create a business video?
  • How to encourage your audience to repost this business video?

Then decide where exactly your video will be published.

It also needs to be optimized for each platform separately: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

Hubspot compiled data on the average ideal video length for each platform:

  • for Instagram — 30 seconds;
  • for Twitter — 45 seconds;
  • for Facebook — 1 minute;
  • for YouTube — 2 minutes.

Use storytelling skills to create your business video. People always like an interesting story. People love them because they explain complex things easily, they are interesting and visual, and they also increase loyalty and trust in your brand.

It's also worth adding captions to your video because many people can watch it without sound. Besides, according to statistics, the total coverage of videos with titles is 16% more than without.

Add a call to action at the end of your business video

You probably have expectations about what the person will do after watching the video. Therefore, you need to tell you about this, because he himself cannot always guess. Here are the options for a call to action:

  • During browsing, a window pops up with a link to the site.
  • Say the phrase on the video: «Subscribe to the channel»‎, «Leave comments and like»‎, «Buy our product»‎, «Register for the conference»‎ and others.
  • Add a featured video thumbnail at the end of your business video.
  • Add a call to action next to the video on the site.