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What types of educational videos are there?

Traditionally, there are four main types of educational videos:

  1. Screencast. This is a recording of what is happening on the screen. During the recording, voiceover comments on what is being broadcast in the video. This type is suitable for teaching viewers how to use a program.
  2. Video support. Or a “video with a talking head”. These are videos where a person sits in front of the camera and reads a text.
  3. Video lesson. This is an educational video that can look like a TV show. There is an extensive video sequence with a well-thought-out drama.
  4. Film-lecture. This is a video that is similar to a traditional lecture at an educational institution. But it has one main difference. It contains infographics to help you absorb the material better.

Why do you need to create an educational video?

There can be many reasons, and everyone has their own. But we will focus on the main ones:

  1. You need to advance your knowledge.
  2. You need this to sell physical products.
  3. You need this to sell services and facilities.

Why are educational videos more effective than a textbook?

Modern technology affects everything. Our communication, work, travel, sports, and, of course, our studies.

Therefore, now education is being completely digitized. You can find millions of educational videos online.

Here the benefits of educational videos are worth paying more attention to.

Educational video affects visual, audio, logical, and associative memory. This, in its turn, makes it possible to acquire educational material as efficiently as possible.

It is easier for people to watch an educational video than to read a complicated instruction (unless it is a video instruction or a book.

What duration should an educational video have?

Today it is very difficult for people to focus on one specific thing on the Internet, especially on Internet videos. This is particularly true for the younger generation, which is considered to be mainly the target audience of educational videos. Many factors can distract them.

Therefore, if you are creating an educational video that describes a simple technique, then it is perfect to make it two to five minutes long.

If your educational video needs more skills and participation, then it's best to create it no longer than thirty minutes.

If your educational video is longer than thirty minutes, then break it up into manageable blocks, three to five minutes long. This will help the audience take a breath between different activities.

It is also best to split your educational video into several parts if the video is longer than thirty minutes.

Identify your target audience

It seems to be common advice, but it is extremely important. You need to understand who you are creating video for, then you will know which format is best to use and how much you need to be involved in the topic.

It will also help make your video as useful as possible for your audience.

If, for example, a lot of beginners watch your video, then general information and explanations will be prevalent in such videos. And for advanced users, in this case, there is nothing to do. They need a lecture where there will be more deepening in the subject.

Write an educational video script

Everyone needs a script. Even those who are knowledgeable enough about the topic.

First, it will help structure your presentation. Secondly, with its help, it will be possible to think over points and advice, and they will make a lesson more useful.

You need to start with the most interesting in order to immediately involve the viewer. At the end of the video, you need to briefly summarize all the information to consolidate the covered material. Also, tell about what you are going to talk about at the next lesson so people know what to expect.

How to write a script for an educational video

Now let's see more precisely how to write a video script.

Start with a greeting. However, it doesn't have to be long. You should do it within one minute. If a video is short, the greeting will be short as well.

Next comes the introductory part. It should take no more than two or three minutes.

Then you need to tell about the topics and materials that will be mentioned in your educational video. This will also take a minute or two.

Then proceed to the main part. This is where you tell about the topic of your educational video. And it's better not to make it long. If the topic requires much time, then divide it into several parts.

At the end, you need to summarize everything, and you can also make a preview of your next educational video.

Get into the technical details

You need to select the camera you will use to shoot videos and an appropriate microphone.

You also need to find a location for shooting.

In addition, you need to deal with the lighting so that everything looks properly on the screen.

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