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The future of Facebook is video marketing

Back in 2016, NewsWhip published statistics that Facebook is losing the percentage of user engagement in social media content. Images, text posts, links are no longer worth the investment. At the same time, Nicola Mendelssohn, vice president of Facebook in the EMEA region, said that she sees the future of the platform exclusively in video content. Meanwhile, Mendelssohn noted that the text format will not disappear at all, because it still needs to be written to create a video for Facebook. Nowadays, Facebook has more than 2 billion users and is in first place in popularity in world rankings. You can hardly dispute the fact that video marketing is profitable if such a media giant sees it as its main development vector.

Statistics prove the correctness of the Facebook management calculations: 87% of marketers noted an increase in traffic to the site thanks to video content. This turns out to be logical when you look at the numbers published on the DEPOSITPHOTOS blog: 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online than TV, and 60% watch video reviews of a product before buying.

Creation video for Facebook: extensive overview

Video for Facebook feed

Users publish these videos on their page, they are displayed in the news feed of friends and can be shared. However, feed videos attract less organic reach than, for example, paid ads. But they are indexed quite well in search engines, so if your profile is filled with a video about a product, users are more likely to get to it through a request in a search engine.

Video for Facebook Ads with a ring gallery

A video format similar to an Instagram carousel. 10 videos or photos, combined into one, but each one has its own link. The user flips through the frames while viewing. The ring gallery is often used for product overviews and different stories.

Video for advertising with compilation

A compilation advertising is one main video followed by multiple photos. This format is used to go to the store using the link in the video.

Video for Facebook In-Stream Ads

Short videos, 5-15 seconds long, that users see while watching other popular video content on Facebook.

Video for Facebook Marketplace

Videos, as a rule, contain direct advertising and are broadcast on the Facebook trading platform.

Facebook Stories

This is an analogy with Instagram Stories: a vertical video that sits at the top of the feed.

Video for advertising in Facebook Messenger

This is an advertisement that appears in the home Messenger app between user conversations.

It is worth noting that the social network takes ads published by users seriously and optimizes algorithms so that they are as effective as possible. When creating your clips, consider the size and format of your Facebook videos, which are recommended to improve quality.

Why is video content so popular?

  • Inspires trust. This is actually direct communication between the business and the consumer, and at different levels: the business founder can address his clients, or show it "inside out" in the video;
  • Increases engagement. The video is perceived easier since both vision and hearing are involved at the same time;
  • Adapted for mobile devices. It is easier to watch a video on screens with a small diagonal than to read a lengthy article;
  • Creates a viral effect. The user will share an interesting video more likely than a text post;
  • Easier to accept. Modern person has lost the habit of reading, books are replaced by videos, newspapers and magazines are by TV;
  • Accelerates purchasing decisions. It is easier to express the benefits for clients and to work out objections in the video.

From 2017 to 2020, the number of marketing companies that actively use video content for advertising increased from 63% to 87%.


How to make video for Facebook?

To make advertising effective and pay off the investment in it, it must be of high quality, strategically justified and bring practical benefits to people. Direct advertising with simply a story about the product benefits has been already working poorly. A sophisticated consumer no longer perceives just a high-quality product that everyone has. The highly competitive environment is forcing marketers to come up with new moves.

Besides a video script for Facebook, a video marketer needs special equipment, video editing professionals and a lot of time. SUPA specialists have developed a unique video creator that helps to save time and budget when creating videos for Facebook:

  • video templates adapted for social networks;
  • the ability to create animated objects;
  • audio overlay;
  • attaching links to video calls to action;
  • ability to convert videos for Facebook and other online platforms.

And these are not all the features SUPA has! Most importantly, SUPA was and remains free! Use our tools now!