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What is a video for cover on Facebook? What are the must-haves for a Facebook cover video? Step-by-step algorithm for creating a video for Facebook

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What is video cover for Facebook?

Facebook is the global social media leader in 2020. According to the company's statistics, the monthly number of active Internet users is 2.60 billion. These are people who watch about 8 billion video content daily. More than 80 million companies are registered here, a third part of them generate such videos. One of the most engaging and memorable video formats is the creative cover video for Facebook.

Video cover for Facebook is a publicly available live cover of a Facebook page or group 20-90 seconds long, which is broadcast when the user hovers the course and views the information at the moment. Such design of the page header provides a number of advantages at once:

  • Decorates the page appearance by making it dynamic and creative
  • Increases user engagement, and hence the length of being in the group
  • Demonstrates meaning, news and processes that are important for the company

Did you know that according to WYZOWL, 87% of your customers already want to watch your brand's video? So why not start creating your own corporate video today?

What should you consider when creating a Facebook cover video?

  1. Use corporate elements: office signboard, branded clothing or equipment, logo. This will highlight the identity and key features of your business.
  2. Include only unique content. All elements that appear in your video must not violate copyright: illustrations, fonts, schemes, technologies, program codes.
  3. Comply with Facebook's policies. The video content, as well as the material on the business pages, must not include offers based on fraudulent schemes, purchase of alcohol and tobacco products, materials for adults, advertising of medicines or gambling.
  4. Add promotions or advertising campaigns. The best SMM marketers recommend using multiple videos that will change according to your business page development: company presentation, time-lapse video of company processes, promotional video. Thus, you will optimally quickly attract customers to the advertising funnel.

Note that visual content shows 6.5x more engagement than regular text. If the visual materials are also dynamic like in video, this will increase the coverage by almost 2 times. That is why you should take into account the preparation of the cover for your company page seriously.

How to create a Facebook cover video online for free?

The challenges of preparing videos for social networks is in choosing the right format, expanding, creating effects and editing frames. To work with the required formats, either middle / senior level specialists or multifunctional designers are usually needed. You can create the desired video content without professional coding skills or the knowledge of video editors in SUPA. It's easy, follow the instructions step by step.

  1. Go through the quick registration procedure in the constructor.
  2. Log in to your account and select "Create".
  3. Select the format you want: in this case the Facebook cover. When choosing a format, the constructor already complies all the current requirements of social networks and advertising platforms, so you get rid of exhausting settings for sizes, formats and extensions. If you don't have some unique video content from your company yet, you can use free cool video cover templates for Facebook.
  4. Add media elements. These are materials in the format .jpg, .png, .svg, .json, .tgs, .mp4, .webm, .mov. Among them: company logo, video greeting, photos of the company team, examples of your products or works. They can be used as a background, or as a central main accent.
  5. Make your cover look dynamic. Why video? Because it moves! Integrate animations, effects, emojis, if your key content is motionless. This will also emphasize the main message. Highlight СTA, promotional offers, main events in the company life.
  6. Arrange objects and effects in order of priority along the timeline. Manage the content in your cover video: don't overload or make it too boring. A spectacular introduction, rich content and a creative ending. Please note that in those very 20-90 seconds you need to acquaint the reader with the company, your specifics, advantages, and with the main proposal.
  7. Save the final video on your computer. Name the draft to save the video to your Supa's personal account media library. Then download the finished video by installing the necessary extensions.

Done! With the SUPA link, you can use videos in personal advertising campaigns and upload them to sites without a file on your computer, if they provide such an opportunity. Also, within 30 days, you can re-save the file to any device with access to your personal account at any time.