How to create a video for Instagram ads which sells

SUPA is a video maker with a huge library of templates for creating commercials for Instagram and other social networks. You can customize your ad video in minutes with intuitive interface of SUPA.

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How to make a video for Instagram ads in SUPA Video Maker

It’s hard to imagine that Instagram once existed without video, and the option to publish videos appeared on the social network only three years after its creation – in 2013. Today, video content is wildly popular over all social networks. In addition, marketers and brands have unambiguously shifted to video advertising. Every day more than 200 million social media users are viewing at least one business / brand profile. According to statistics from, 11% of subscribers buy products through Instagram.

SUPA Video Maker is a versatile tool to promote your business. Creating video ads for Instagram stories in SUPA is easy, fast and fun.

To create a video, you need to follow a simple algorithm: sign in to the video maker, choose a template from our huge collection and modify the template according to your tastes and needs. To make your ad effective and grabbing the attention, we included in our video creator such features as creating animated video and text.

To increase brand awareness, you can add to our video maker your brand fonts, colors. SUPA makes it easy to customize your ad and make it bright and eye-catching. Our video creator contains thousands of pictures, visual effects, emojis and custom elements.

SUPA is the perfect solution for creating engaging yet budgetary video ads. Sell via video directly or create interesting commercials with a plot. Creating a video layout for your Instagram ad has never been easier.

Video advertising provides an opportunity to demonstrate a product or service, point all the features of your brand, your values or discounts.

Why Instagram video is must-use for your advertising campaign?

Instagram offers several types of ads: photo ads, carousel ads, video ads, and story ads. Video advertising has great opportunities: the potential advertising reach of Instagram is almost 850 million users. Let’s agree, there is a field to unfold your creativity.

American marketers claim that almost 70% of their advertising budgets for influencers are spent on Instagram. Those numbers are clearly indicating the trend of increasing popularity and effectiveness of advertising on Instagram.

Video advertising is always an opportunity to do more, be creative, or tell a complete story. Storytelling sells most successfully.

81% of users search for product information on Instagram. Around 130 million subscribers click on posts with product suggestions every month

Key features of Instagram video

Instagram subscribers tend to scroll quickly and lose interest in the content practically immediately. In the first three seconds, your subscriber should understand that he sees not just a picture, but a video. These first seconds are critical to engaging subscribers, grabbing their attention, and engaging them in watching the entire video. And, perhaps, even encourage them to watch the video with the sound on. But you must be prepare that your video must be understandable even without sound. To do this, use interactive elements, emoji or animations, visual transitions, frames offered by SUPA.

In the first 10 seconds of the video, the user must understand the main message of the video advertisement, otherwise he will lose interest. Movement, flashes of light, or changes in contrasts attract a person's attention most quickly. Your video should be vibrant and dynamic. Try to design it in such a way that it differs from the usual ads.

Video ads in Instagram feed are a very organic way to advertise your business / brand. Advertising in this case naturally fits into the regular content consumed by the user.

Add links to a website or product directly to the video. Don't force the user to do extra steps by going to the profile header and finding the product they need. The process of interacting with your ad should be a simple, engaging and customer-centric experience. Don't forget to optimize your landing page/website for mobile devices.

Feel free to experiment, for example, try running #challenge in your video. They fit the audience well and show crazy engagement. Instagram ads should not be overloaded with text, try to keep the text on the video no more than 20%.

Video ads can be more interesting if they are animated with SUPA templates and tools.

How to make video ads more effective: 11 life hacks

Instagram engagement rates are among the highest: properly created ads on this network will give you brand awareness and guaranteed sales. Therefore, use at least a couple of our life hacks, which can help you to make promo video on Instagram interesting and effective:

  1. Use SUPA Video Maker is a surefire way to create creative, engaging videos. In our video editor, you can customize the video according to all your requests.
  2. Offer to your subscribers a solution to their problem by showing how your product can improve their lives or promote a special lifestyle.
  3. Create a video that would evoke emotion.
  4. Choose one target for your video which you would like to achieve. You don't need to try to fit all your tasks into one video. Make one video for brand awareness, another for promoting discounts, and one to tell about company values.
  5. Find out more about your target audience. If necessary, conduct polls, collect feedback and, based on them, create a video according to the preferences of your target audience.
  6. The video should organically fit into the feed – do not try to make your video too explicit and intrusive advertising. Don’t talk just about the product, but about the benefits it brings to the potential client.
  7. Follow the requirements for the size and duration of video ads.
  8. Think about the preview before creating the video. You need to select it from your video, you cannot upload it separately to Instagram. The preview is that "first impression that cannot be made twice."
  9. Create a few different commercials and do A/B testing. This will help you channel your ad budget towards a more effective video.
  10. Create short videos. They are more popular than long ones.
  11. Initially create your promotional video for viewing from a mobile phone. The rules for creating promo videos or regular non-Instagram videos are quite different.

Requirements for video advertising on Instagram

You can add MP4 and MOV videos to Instagram. There are also several resolution and duration requirements.

Vertical video

Resolution: 600 x 750.

Aspect ratio: 4 : 5.

Maximum size and length: 4 GB / 120 seconds.

Landscape video

Resolution: 600 x 315.

Aspect ratio: 1.91 : 1.

Maximum size and length: 4 GB / 120 seconds.

Square video

Resolution: 600 x 600.

Aspect ratio: 1 : 1.

Maximum size and length: 4 GB / 120 seconds.

Square video is the most optimal type for video advertising on this social network. Vertical video can disadvantageously «‎shift»‎ comments and likes. As for the duration of 120 seconds, keep in mind that for the user to see the entire video, they still must select the «‎continue watching video»‎ option.

If, in addition to video ads, you also would like to create a video for Stories, check all the requirements for ithere.

Instructions how to set up ads on Instagram

Creating a video that meets all Instagram requirements is an important task. But it is equally important to correctly set up an Instagram Ads Manager so that advertising brings customers and sales.

Initially, all promotion on the Instagram network was tied to the Facebook Ads Manager account. Now the social network has decided to allow creating ads on Instagram even without having an account on Facebook. This option will soon be available to business accounts, but it will be available only to those who have not previously promoted their posts on Instagram.

For those companies that have been using the advertising capabilities of one of the most popular platforms before, the Instagram ad setting algorithm remains the same:

  • Log into your Facebook Ads Manager and click the Create button.
  • Choose the purpose of your ad (Awareness, Consideration or Conversion).
  • Choose your target audience by age, geographic location, gender, interests, behavior, job title, or the apps they use.
  • Choose the ad format that suits you (in this case, video).
  • Download SUPA's highest resolution video with no black bars on the sides, or select a promotion post you've already shared on Instagram.
  • Optionally add a short description below the video.
  • Set the budget and end date of the advertising campaign.
  • Publish your ad and wait for your ad campaign to be approved (this may take several hours or an entire day).

Also, don't forget to set up your video ads so that they only appear to those who connected to Wi-Fi.