Create Video Stories for Instagram in 15 Minutes

SUPA Video Maker – it’s hundreds of unique templates for engaging Instagram videos. Create your own video just in a few minutes.

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How to make stories for instagram using the possibilities of SUPA Video Maker:


Log in to an existing account or register a new one in the SUPA Video Maker.


Choose the right template from hundreds of templates available. For Instagram Stories vertical videos are the perfect choice.


Customize the template to suit your needs: put in your text, photos, pictures, colors and style.


Download the complete video and add it to your Stories.


Analyze statistics and reach of your Instagram Stories photos and videos.

What are video stories?

Video Stories on Instagram are videos that are published in a separate special feed. They are available for 24 hours. This feature has made the disappearing content more popular than the feed.

The app works in such a way, that it automatically splits a long video into 15-second blocks, while maintaining order and structure. In total, you can publish up to 120 seconds of a promotional video.

Checklist of video creation for Instagram

One billion users use Instagram every month. On average, users spend 28 minutes on this social network every day.

Instagram Stories video is a versatile tool that make content vibrant and engaging. Instagram Stories are used by over 500 million people daily (according to Instagram internal data for January 2019).

To take your Stories to the next level, use the SUPA Video Maker. We have a large selection of templates, cool editing features and an opportunity for you to create your promotional videos for Instagram.

  • Check if you are satisfied with the size/color of all added elements, resize if necessary.
  • Reread the text carefully and make sure it’s clear and grammatically correct.
  • Add branded fonts and colors.
  • Don't forget to animate your video for Stories for better engaging.
  • Check the length of your video to see if it’s too long/short.
  • See where the 15-second breakdown occurs. Make sure the automatic breakdown looks good.
  • Don't forget to add stickers and music to your Instagram videos (available in paid version).

63% of registered Instagram users log in to social network every day. 42% check this social media several times a day

How to create stories in an easy and fast way

With our video maker, you don't need huge budgets, a team of designers and video editors. An original video can be made in 10-15 minutes, even without special skills. To do this, SUPA has hundreds of pre-made templates, ideas or color schemes.

We recommend choosing a video template “for Stories”. Start editing the Instagram template you like based on your goals and taste.

The modern history of Instagram is all about creativity and experiments. Don't forget to add text or stickers after you done playing with colors. Instagram moved away from perfect retouched photos, videos, and ideal life and people. Subscribers today prefer to follow accounts with live, real, extraordinary video stories. But at the same time, the good quality of video and lighting is still super important.

You can interest viewers with unique elements and fun emoji. Alternate your video Stories with texts. Create animated videos, come up with the series of the stories/ in this case your subscribers will be waiting for the continuation of as the next episode of their favorite TV show.

SUPA also has great solutions for brands: you can add your logo, choose brand colors for your Instagram videos. With SUPA, it's easy to make a full-fledged ad video. Try to sell your products via video, inform subscribers about discounts and promotions.

Our video editor templates are created by professionals and have proven their effectiveness many times. Huge marketing budgets are no longer needed, as are unnecessary waste of time. Editing videos with SUPA is easy, fast and fun.

How to make engaging stories

The main problem with today's content on the web is that there is too much of it, it’s hard to keep the attention of subscribers. Therefore, interactivity is your key to success. Don’t be shy to ask questions, ask viewer’s opinion, create your own storytelling atmosphere.

Instagram Stories template with SUPA can be interactive. Subscribers can guide the storyline of the video by their vote or influence the line of events in your Stories.

Video Stories contain more information than just photos, they make it easier to convey a full story or successfully sell your product. You can learn how to create high-quality videos for your business here.

Stories should be dynamic: you have no more than 15 seconds to grab the attention of your subscribers. More life and action can be added to your video by changing the angle, zooming in/out objects, playing with lighting.

Videos for Stories work best when you are filming / creating content specifically for this type of Stories. That mean that your task isn’t only to create a video and publish it, but think about the design, concept, interactive part and shot the video vertically.

One of the most important attributes of engaging Stories, along with creativity, is usefulness. Content should convey useful information.

Size requirements for Instagram Stories

  • Resolution: 600 × 1067 to 1080 × 1920 px
  • The video format is mp4, mov or gif.
  • The video file size must not exceed 4 GB.
  • The recommended aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • Video stories longer than 15 seconds will be automatically split into parts.
  • The maximum length of video ads is 120 seconds (but shorter videos are perceived better).

Adding links to Stories for your products will enable the subscriber to immediately proceed to purchase without unnecessary efforts or extra time.

Video stories must be interesting without sound

Many users watch Insta Stories without sound, and therefore the video should be understandable without sound. You can achieve this with a clear short message. But try not to overload the video with text.

Duplicate prices, discounts and other important information in text as well. In SUPA it's easy to do. Add your logo by which your subscribers will identify your brand. How to create a video for any social network, you can find out here.

Analyze the statistics of video stories

Instagram provides a wide range of analytics and tracking tools for your stories. It’s important to analyze the statistics of Stories, be sure to monitor the reach and reactions of subscribers to an exact video story. In this case you will be able to find out which formats, colors and Stories are most popular with your audience. You will be able to see what type of calls to action works and for which one your potential customers are responding to.

A good understanding of your target audience will allow you to offer better content and develop your profile / blog / brand on Instagram faster.

Video Stories are the part of the content strategy of the entire account. They should continue or expand the posts from the feed. Or, conversely, draw attention to the posts in the feed.

After analyzing the statistics, make the necessary changes, adjust the line of the content strategy and pay more attention to those formats that fit the best.