How to create an advertising video for Instagram Stories that will attract clients.

SUPA is a video maker that is an indispensable tool when creating video ads for Instagram Stories. Easy to use, the editor has a huge number of templates and elements that are easy to modify for your brand.

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Why do you need video advertising for stories on Instagram?

A promotional video for Stories is an opportunity and a tool that your company should not miss under any circumstances. More than four million brands are using Instagram Stories (data for January 2020). Every day, 200 million social network users visit at least one business profile. Your business / company should be one of them. To keep up with Instagram trends, create your own videos for advertising stories in SUPA Video Maker.

One of the main advantages of Instagram Stories ads is that such ads fit organically into the content consumed by the subscriber. A well-made ad creates an effect of connection with the brand for the user. In SUPA Video Maker, you can create video in a matter of minutes.

You don't need to be a designer or have a PhD in sophisticated apps to create video. SUPA has hundreds of pre-made, unique templates that you can modify to suit your business. Using an intuitive interface of our Video Maker, you will create an authentic video supporting the spirit of your brand in 10-15 minutes. A variety of elements, stickers, additional features will help you create a sufficient amount of original video. Modern brands tend to publish on average 2.5 Instagram Stories per week. And the number of stories will grow for sure.

What are Instagram ads?

Video ads Stories are full-screen stories. Be sure to keep this in mind when creating your video ads and try to use the full screen capabilities for a more immersive effect. It’s easier to unfold a full detailed story in a video Stories. Keep publishing regularly in Stories (videos and photos) as part of your content plan and be sure to add Stories ads to your marketing strategy. 62% of respondents became more interested in a product or business after seeing them in the Stories. Around 130 million users click on shopping posts every month.

Instagram Stories video is a powerful marketing tool, but there is a drawback. Social networks are overcrowded with content, it’s hard to keep the user's attention for a long time. Your video ad should stand out and not just randomly appear in the user's feed but be an element of a well-thought content strategy. The video should be bright, engaging, so that the subscriber doesn’t scroll it when he realizes that this is an advertisement.

Instagram's potential ad reach is estimated at 849.3 million users. 14% of adult buyers are 13 and older

How to create successful advertising stories on Instagram

US marketers spend almost 70% of their influencer budgets on Instagram. One third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. In addition, brand Stories have a view completion rate of 85%. This is more than enough arguments to immediately start working with SUPA and create video ads for your brand. The subscriber's attention is kept on the video longer than on the photo. A photo in Stories is displayed for a maximum of 5 seconds, and a video for 15 seconds.

One of the biggest secrets of creating a successful ad video is to make the video fit seamlessly with the user's content. We've put together some tips on how to make Instagram video ads successful for your business. More recommendations here.

  • In the first few seconds of the video, use your brand logo, but don’t overdo it with its size or brightness. The logo should fit naturally, be noticeable, but not draw all attention to itself. The logo is also a great way to divert attention from the Sponsored title in the upper left corner. The user should feel that this isn’t just an advertisement, but a story created specifically for them. It’s common for people stop watching Stories when they realize that they are facing an explicit advertisement.
  • While creating videos in SUPA, take full advantage of the large vertical surface of the phone, so the user experience is much more immersive. For more information on creating videos for Instagram read here.
  • Engage your followers in your story, evoke emotions in them. The best way to do it is through storytelling. With SUPA Video Maker, you can create the perfect storytelling canvas. Add new elements, emoji, animated text to your video. It will help you to create the perfect story for your brand. Great storytelling is one that talks about brand values ​​or the story behind a product / company. You can engage a subscriber by showing your company's average day or manufacturing process. The subscriber will have the opportunity to be involved in the daily routine of the company or interesting events.
  • Get the most out of your ads: include a Call To Action button in your ad video. You can use popular and common call-to-action buttons, such as "learn more", "buy now", "contact us". They are really doing their job. We explained more about how to create a promo video here.
  • If you have more than 10 thousand subscribers of your profile, then Instagram gives such companies / businesses / blogs the opportunity to use the "swipe up" link, which immediately redirects your potential client to the webpage you need.
  • 2018 research showed that top performing ad campaigns on average have scenes of 2.8 seconds. And for less effective ads, the duration of scenes is up to 4.1 seconds. So don’t forget to change scenes in the video more often. Make your ads dynamic and interesting. In SUPA, you can easily control frame duration and scene appearance.
  • Create your videos in SUPA Video Maker and stay focused on vertical playback.
  • Try not to use the same content on all social networks. Create separate promotional videos for different social networks. Each website has its own character, style and features.
  • Videos for Instagram Ads will be more interesting if you include interactive elements in your Stories.

How to work in the Ads Manager

Setting up Instagram Ads Manager is just as important as producing quality video content. For details on how to run Instagram ads via Facebook Ads Manger, turn here. There are a couple advertising categories, each fulfills a different function:

  1. Reach: Your ad will be shown to the maximum number of people.
  2. Viewing a video. It means that as many people as possible will view your video.
  3. Traffic: Send visitors to your website or store.
  4. Conversions: Define conversion rates such as email signups or sales.
  5. Installing the mobile app: get users to download and install your app.
  6. Lead generation: users will open the lead form, which is automatically filled with user information.

Advertising on Instagram is one of the easiest ways to find and get the attention of those people who may be interested in your brand or product. Wide options for targeting the social network allow you to find the right people by their location (cities, countries, regions). You can choose the age and gender of those for whom you run your ad campaigns.

Great results and real sales are achieved by targeting potential customers based on their interests. You can target by job title or user activity. Another way to reach out to your future customers is to choose to run ads by email or phone number. This works well when you already have a large customer base and need to warm up auditory for the next purchase. Lookalike Audiences lets you run ads to an audience similar to your existing customers.

Analytics of ads videos on Instagram

Analytics and insights are key to your perfect video. To track your views on Instagram Stories, your page must be converted to a business profile. Then in the settings you can see the number of people who viewed or forwarded your stories, who exactly watched them.

Even though the Stories are available for viewing only 24 hours, a detailed list of those who have viewed your stories will be available for 48 hours. In this case you can retarget to this audience, or study it manually to understand the needs of your subscribers. The rest of the statistics will be available in your ad account at any time.

Instagram ad statistics are as detailed as Facebook one. Analyze it and you will get to know your audience better and in the following videos you will make sure that all ads lead to purchases.

Another effective way to promote your products is paid ads with bloggers. Your video Stories can be placed to other profiles. According to statistics, brands pay influencers between $100 and $ 2,085 per post. For a video – from $114 to $3,138, and for Stories – from $43 to $721.

Top-10 ideas what to show in stories

  • Show behind the scenes of your business.
  • How you produce your product.
  • One day of the routine life of your brand.
  • Demonstrate discounts, sales, new items.
  • Conduct contests in Stories and choose winners.
  • Do subscriber surveys about products, preferred colors, for example.
  • Talk about industry news.
  • Provide auditory with training videos, master classes.
  • Show tips for your subscribers on how to choose the right version of the product.
  • Customer reviews.

Requirements for advertising video stories

Stories for Instagram should be vertical with a 4:5 ratio. The length of the video is maximum 120 seconds but remember that the video is split into 15-second pieces.

For your video advertising in Stories, choose the .mp4 or .mov format, the maximum video size is 4 GB. The maximum extension is 1080 x 1920, the minimum is 600 x 1067.

Supported codes: H.264, VP8.

It's important to keep all the video size requirements in mind for your video ad to be accepted and run successfully.

How to get to the Explore page on Instagram

The Explore page is a great way to introduce your brand. You can be on Explore both for free and by purchasing space there. Stories should soon be visible to everyone on the Explore page. Stories will be automatically played in the recommended grid.

For Instagram to rank your Stories and submit them to Explore, keep the visual side of the video always in mind. In particular how your visuals represent your brand values ​​and identify you. Your brand identity is very important.

Create your own brand books and save your branded templates, fonts, so that you can later use them for your new videos in SUPA. Well-styled profiles get to the Explore page faster.