Create a video for Instagram to gain subscribers

SUPA Video Maker is a great tool to create creative videos at a professional level without budgets and designers. According to your requests and brand style you can create or change any video in our program just in 10-15 minutes.

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How to create Instagram Video in SUPA without budgets and effort

Today's marketers have no idea how to manage marketing strategies without using Instagram photos and videos. Video as a format is growing its popularity largely because video marketing has become very affordable. Nowadays you don’t need to have video editing skills, or to hire a design team, because you can use various video editors to create an excellent professional video.

With SUPA Video Maker you can create your own unique video in a couple minutes. All you need is a little time and desire. You will quickly figure out how to use our video builder due to an intuitive interface and detailed video instructions. We can offer a huge collection of ready templates. It will help you navigate what suits you and your business. In SUPA you simply choose the template you like, modify it to suit your style, add text, animated elements or stickers, emoji, choose the colors and brand fonts. With this step-by-step algorithm, the perfect video will be ready in 10-15 minutes for presenting your business on Instagram. Easy and fun creation process and professional outcome is the best solution for your brand. In addition, in SUPA, you can design videos for Instagram online right in your browser without overloading your computer with heavy programs. Don't worry about the correct video size or format, we've already taken care of that in our video maker.

You will be able to do all that without big budgets and with minimal investment of time and resources. In 2020, over 85% of businesses plan to use video marketing as a marketing tool. Instagram videos are a great way for a brand or personality to introduce themselves, present a product, tell their story, and attract followers. Videos can be used as either free or paid promotion method. Read more about how to make an advertising video for Instagram.

73% of US teens say the best way for brands to reach them about new products or promotions is through Instagram. Even though teenagers gave only 12% to Facebook, and 37% to email


Instagram video is the future of advertising

Video can help you build brand awareness, share ideas, promote products, collect feedback, learn about customer preferences, or educate your audience.

Videos on Instagram can be posted in several formats: as video in the feed, Instagram Stories video, IGTV and Instagram Live. This variety gives any business a possibility to show creative side and imagination and experiments. Ads can be run in any of these formats. Besides, Stories advertising has already proven particularly effective. We wrote more about how to create great ads for Stories here.

More than five million businesses use Instagram to interact with customers. It's time for you to join them. The most popular videos are those ones that engage your subscribers and give them the opportunity to feel connected to your brand. We’ve made sure the video is engaging if you make it with SUPA. That’s why we have created a unique database of templates, different elements, emoji, stickers. With us you can create animated video or animated text for more dynamics. Change the position of your slides, add brand colors, add text. You can also add music to videos on Instagram in our video maker. Music helps your story and plot to be fully unfold.

But it is important to remember that the video in the Instagram feed doesn’t play sound automatically, the user needs to click on the video for sound to appear. Therefore, make your video as clear as possible even without sound. Try to use text, which logically frames a plot. Today visuals and good quality are more important than ever. Tell a story in your video, entice the user with the unfolding plot so that he clearly sees the benefits of your product or service.

Video has already become a necessary element of any thoughtful content strategy, so use its capabilities to the maximum. According to research, Instagram users engage with posts 20 times more often than Facebook users.

Try to keep a balance between amount of the text in your video. There shouldn’t be too much text, no more than 20%. Use your logo and brand colors, so your subscribers form clear associations and recognize you by your video style or brand color style.

Another reason to create and publish videos is a viral content. Videos go viral much faster than photos. In addition, videos are shared more often than photos. According to eMarketer research, users engagement with video content is growing at a faster pace. People choose stories, plots and details that cannot be fit into one picture.

11 secrets of a perfect Instagram video

It's super easy to create videos for Instagram with our video maker. Especially if you know what key features can help to make the perfect video.

  1. Use text. Even if the user watches video without sound, then you still can convey the necessary information. Users prefer interactive and dynamic videos. Therefore, use animated text and animated video.
  2. Add logo to your video so users can easily identify you. The logo shouldn’t be too large or be on the video for a long time.
  3. Choose your style and stick to it. Your brand style should be easy to see. And your video better be fitting into the format and color palette of your company. Use repeating elements or images, corporate fonts.
  4. You only have 3-5 seconds to get users attention. Start your video with an interactive question, provocation.
  5. Add Call to action or product links. It always works and keep the attention of subscribers on the right things.
  6. Make it easy to buy the product or service after watching video. You don’t want to complicate the customer journey with unnecessary details.
  7. Produce the “best video for Instagram”. Think carefully before creation process starts. Try to imagine how video will be displayed in your feed, or on the mobile screen. Create video content that you would like to consume. Think about your video if it’s suitable for mobile format.
  8. How to shoot videos on Instagram? A great option is video loops. Looped video creates the effect of a finished story, closure. You can add the same elements at the end and beginning of the video, or use the same picture, music, background.
  9. Don't use the same video for different social media. In SUPA, you can create dozens of different videos tailored for different social networks.
  10. In case you are taking customers to your landing page, make sure it has been optimized and it’s mobile responsive. Make the page clean, neat and easy to use.
  11. Stand out from the crowd of your competitors, offer to your clients creativity and novelty. Create custom videos to keep attention. Generate a new experience for customers with a video, brand, or product.

How to publish video on Instagram

Instagram videos are easy to publish. If you have created a SUPA video on a mobile phone, than go to the Instagram app, click on the «‎+»‎ (the button for adding a new post), add the completed video which was previously saved to the gallery, and click «‎next»‎. Besides, it’s easy to download Instagram video from SUPA. Since the video has already been edited, you just must publish the video.

Remember, you need to choose an outstanding video cover. Think trough it in advance so that your video has exact frame you want. The cover is the first impression that can attract or repel the user. The subscriber can just walk by the best video because of ugly cover.

How to add a video on Instagram to catch the attention? Learn more about your audience, choose the right video and time for publishing. Do experiments with the length of your video and find the optimal one for your audience. Analyze your statistics.

Instagram video requirements

Instagram video format is an important part of the video creation process. Follow the given parameters, then your video will be more acceptable for viewing.

  • Video format: MP4 and MOV.
  • Duration: 3 to 60 seconds.
  • Size: up to 4 GB.
  • Orientation: square, horizontal and vertical.
  • Aspect ratio: minimum 1.91 : 1 and maximum 4 : 5
  • Maximum resolution: 1080 pixels.

Types of video for Instagram

Training and how-to videos

The most popular genre on Instagram are training videos. So be sure to include them in your content plan. It’s much easier to explain something in a video than describe it through words. Users prefer simple, clear instructions on how to use your product / service, how to suit an item. In training video, you can demonstrate expertise in your topic or invite subscribers to follow your guide.


Announce appearance of a new product or updates to existing ones in the video. Demonstrate the product in the video so the user can make a complete impression of it. Make your subscribers to look forward to getting the product. Run a promo for a paid promotion to show your product to as many people as possible. 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Brand story

Tell the brand’s story in the video. Explain how the idea of starting a business or becoming a blogger came about. Create a separate video clip in which you can demonstrate brand values and convey them to the user.

Inner workings of the business

Show your business from the inside. In the video tell clients about a typical day for your company, introduce subscribers to those who create / sell products for them. People love to observe interesting processes. This can feel as involvement and presence. It makes the person to be more related to the brand.

Discuss a topic

Perhaps you wanted to discuss a topic that is directly or indirectly related to your area. Choose a video format for this. Produce this type of content for your own entertainment.

Funny video

Create a funny and amusing video for subscribers, try to show your failures or mistakes with the production, for example.


Demonstrate reviews from existing customers in your video. You can take both text and video reviews and put them together in a video maker using cool emojis or elements or combine separate video reviews into one video.