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Why to post video content on LinkedIn?

A blogger Quentin Allums published one video on YouTube, which gained about 20 views in 2 years. The same video, after being published on Linkedin, was watched by about 30,000 users for several days. What does this mean? This means that Linkedin is a promising advertising platform for a business, and an opportunity for a private person to convey their information to the general public. Moreover, all this can be done in a short time.

The platform algorithm positively affects video promotion. According to the official internal statistics of Linkedin, video posts receive more than 300 million views per year and 3 times more responses than text posts. Meanwhile, namely the native (uploaded or created directly on Linkedin) videos are very popular.

Video marketing is 49% more profitable than if it were not to be used

Which video for Linkedin to choose?

1. LinkedIn Native

LinkedIn Native — these are the videos created or integrated directly on the platform.The social network algorithm promotes these videos faster. When the user scrolls through the feed, native videos are loaded automatically, which significantly increases interest and engagement. Make such a video for LinkedIn that gets the most views from your followers.Then the system will offer it to other users.

Audience engagement statistics after watching the video: 20% of users visit the brand's website, 20% were able to remember information about the brand, 23% say they would like to see the link attached to the video right away in order to immediately take action (buy a product, subscribe to news etc.).

2. Video advertising in LinkedIn

Video advertising is displayed in the LinkedIn feed, it tells about a product, services, company, and more. The same classification of videos for business applies here likewise for other platforms: reviews, backstages, screencasts, instructions, clips, and so on. The choice of form to create video for LinkedIn depends on the initial goal, for example, to enhance the brand image or convey some message.

Brightcove 2018 Video Marketing Research reports that over 50% of consumers make a purchase after watching a video on social media. In case of the millennial generation, the percentage of such consumers rises to 66%.

3. Embedded video in LinkedIn

Many users continue to post links from third-party video hosting sites on LinkedIn - this method takes place, however, it is not the fastest one for active promotion on this social network.

4. Video on company page in LinkedIn

Companies publish videos on their corporate pages, which users actively discuss and repost. One thing: when creating this video for LinkedIn, keep in mind that they should not contain direct advertising, it is better that this content brings obvious benefits to the audience.

Buyers believe it is important to watch video reviews before buying a particular product online: electronics 56%, household appliances 52%, tools 48%, software 47%, clothing and cosmetics 35%.

Technical specifications for creating video for LinkedIn

For LinkedIn Native

  • maximum size 5 GB;
  • duration: 3 to 10 seconds;
  • audio and titles: available and recommended;
  • vertical and horizontal;
  • aspect ratio: 1: 2.4 or 2.4: 1;
  • Resolution: 256 × 154 to 4096 × 2304
  • video quality: 1080p
  • Supported video formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, ASF, WebM, QuickTime, WMV2, WMV3, VP8, VP9 и H264 / AVC.

For video advertising in LinkedIn

  • size: 75 KB-200 MB;
  • duration: from 3 seconds to 30 minutes;
  • audio accompaniment and titles: available;
  • only horizontal;
  • supported Resolution: 480x360 to 1920x1080;
  • spect ratio: 16: 9;
  • video quality: 1080p
  • video formats: MP4
  • audio formats: MPEG4 and AAC

For videos on a LinkedIn company page

  • size: 75 KB-200 MB;
  • duration: from 3 seconds to 30 minutes;
  • audio accompaniment and titles: available;
  • only horizontal;
  • supported resolution: from 480x360 to 1920x1080;
  • aspect ratio: 16: 9;
  • video quality: 1080p
  • video formats: MP4;
  • audio formats: MPEG4 and AAC

How to make video for LinkedIn for free?

Do you want to start a video marketing campaign? Or share your thoughts with a multi-million audience? Create a video quickly, easily and for free on SUPA!

The instruction is simple:


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Watch detailed video instructions or read the tutorial.


Use our built-in options to create a video that will collect thousands of views.


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  • Which video length about product should I choose?

    It depends on the product itself and on the platform where the video will be posted. Based on statistics, the length of a promo video should vary from 6 to 15 seconds on average.

  • What is a screencast?

    A screencast is a screen recording converted to a video. They're often used by gamers for their channels, and screencasts are great for tutorial videos.