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Why you should create a promotional video for LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn created video support on its platform in the summer of 2017, the social network has begun to increase the number of subscribers. Compared to 2018, the number of users grew by 2%, and the social network was ranked 5th in popularity among the American population, according to Hootsuite statistics for 2019. Marketers have appreciated the new capabilities of LinkedIn and have already incorporated the creation video for advertising on LinkedIn into their marketing strategies.

Why have specialists started to pay so much attention to creating videos for LinkedIn? As Wyzowl surveys showed, in 2020 video marketing led to a deeper understanding of a product or service in 88% of promotional strategies, and investments in video advertising began to pay off in almost 90% of cases. There is another significant advantage of video content: calls to technical support were reduced by 43%, which allows businesses to reduce costs for operators. Thus, 66% of marketers, according to the same surveys, bet on video ads in 2020.

How to choose a video format for promotion on LinkedIn?

In 2019, LinkedIn became the most successful channel for promoting video ads - 87% of internet marketers rated this social network as the most effective. Before you use such a powerful business tool and create videos for LinkedIn, it's worth understanding the classification of video content for advertising purposes.

There are 3 main directions:

  • commercial;
  • entertaining;
  • informational.

Each direction has many types of videos, but they all end up becoming hidden or direct advertising.

Commercial video

Commercial videos include:

  • promo videos that influence the audience using psychology techniques;
  • corporate films about the company, production, team;
  • a video about product or service that reveals all the advantages and benefits;
  • recruiting video for attracting new employees, which informs about the company from the personnel point of view.

According to the survey of The Recruiter Nation, 87% HR-managers use LinkedIn to attract recruits.

Entertainment video

This is video content that evokes positive emotions in the viewer and belongs to the types of indirect advertising:

  • a music video into which advertising was integrated;
  • a backstage that tells the secrets behind the scenes in an entertaining way.

Information video

Videos that present and disclose information from an objective point of view:

  • reportage, the purpose of which is to tell about the emotions of the event, to convey its atmosphere;
  • video report, which presents the main essence of the event and its results;
  • an interview in which the expertise of the interviewee is shown, the respondent may be an eyewitness of the event.

When creating videos for LinkedIn, keep in mind that precisely the first 10 seconds grab users' attention, so they need to be made engaging!

Some educational videos, for example, life hacks with the use of a product, instructions for use that show the simplicity and convenience of a product or service, can also become indirect advertising. Information on how to properly create instructional videos, screencasts, training videos and other educational videos is in this article.

86% of people want to watch more videos from companies and brands, and 36% of this number will prefer an educational and training video


Best technical specs when creating a promo video for Linkedin


  • Video file size: 75 KB-200 MB
  • Duration: from 3 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Video captions and audio are recommended


  • Only horizontal videos are supported
  • Resolution: from 480 × 360 to 1920 × 1080
  • Aspect ratio: 16: 9, wide video


  • Export quality: 1080p
  • Video formats: MP4
  • Audio formats: MPEG4 and AAC

85% of social media users watch videos without sound. When creating a LinkedIn promo video, adapt it for silent viewing!

How to create video for LinkedIn?

Do you think that creating a video for advertising requires particular knowledge, special equipment and professionals? You can dispense with all of that by using SUPA video constructor! Lots of ready-made templates, all the necessary functions for editing and formatting, as well as training videos, special tools for a quick process and its automation!

Step-by-step instruction:


Register in our video creator.


Choose the template that best suits your task.


Use the editing options to modify the video at your own discretion.


Add musical accompaniment.


Add an arrow or swipe up call to action if needed.


Post your video on LinkedIn and get responses and views. Make your first LinkedIn video with SUPA!