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What marketing videos are there?

Video marketing is used for different purposes. For some people, it is part of a content strategy, for others, the main source of traffic, and some use videos particularly for offline placements or TV ads. Here are the main marketing video formats:

Selling videos. This is a video ad that is used in targeting, contextual advertising, posted on social media or television. The purpose of this format is clear – to sell the product. A video is aimed at convincing a person, if not to buy a product right now, then at least think about buying it in the future. More detailed about it here.

Here it is important to show a profitable offer, indicate all the advantages and tell about the benefits of this product in the client's world. Show clearly how a person's life will change and become easier when one buys your product. People want examples to associate themselves with. The usual “buy only today and only now” almost doesn't work anymore.

Educational videos. Instructions, checklists, guides, tips, life hacks, etc. – all these form a useful content. The purpose of these videos is to help a person solve a problem. Also, this can include a video that tells how to maintain and repair the goods purchased from you. In this case, video marketing helps to visually show all the peculiarities of the product, as well as spend less time on the perception of information if a user read a detailed article about the product independently.

Such content is important in any aspect. Whether you use it for social media, your blog, or send it individually to your clients. In all cases, the audience will be satisfied, and their loyalty to your brand will only increase. By creating such content, you allow a person to feel that the company cares about them. One sees that you are not trying to end the relationship at the stage of selling. The public appreciates when a company is willing to help.

Informative videos. This video format can also be classified as part of marketing videos. Informing the client about something is also considered to be a customized attitude of a company. This is important when something unexpected occurs or, vice versa, important and pleasant. Informing about things like that makes the brand more human, as the audience sees that they are not afraid to admit their mistakes or share joy. In this case, the video will be especially appropriate, as you can visually show your emotions and share them with people. Not always you can do this with the help of a text.

Presentations. How to create and use video presentations we described in detail here. To cut a long story short, such videos are often used in speeches, thesis defenses, or presentations of projects and previews. The main thing here is to choose a key thought or topic and build a story around it. Then a presentation will be clear and convey your message.

Native videos. These videos may not have a clear purpose to sell or promote a brand. This includes music videos, short films, creative videos, and similar non-commercial formats. In this case, the company acts as a sponsor, builds a story around its brand, or simply from time to time displays its logo on the screen. It is more likely to be a brand image promoting story than a step for increasing sales. As we wrote earlier, video marketing is used for different purposes. Boosting brand image or recognition included.

Engaging videos. This format is most often used on social media, as it is especially important to engage the audience there. For this purpose, contests, riddles, puzzles, or game videos are made up, which motivate subscribers to be active.

FACT: Internet users prefer video over all brand content formats. An OptinMonster poll showed that 45% of audiences are eager to consume video content. The second place took photographs, which were chosen by 22% of the respondents. It tells that visual content is the most popular now, and using video is the most convenient.

How video marketing helps business

This is one of the branches of the overall marketing strategy. Whether it's a promo video, a website video presentation, or Instagram stories, all these are part of video marketing. If you don't follow the overall video content strategy, your videos won't work. Among the mistakes made in creating marketing videos there are:

  • Different visuals of a video and a company
  • Lack of video promotion
  • Promo video without a call to action or contacts
  • Lack of customization to different platforms and audiences
  • The difference between video ads and other promotional materials

And that's not all of the brand gaps that are possible without having a video strategy. A marketing video can be both an independent promotion tool and complete the overall content plan. This is the advantage of video marketing – videos will be appropriate in almost all business processes from presentation to sale.

FACT: According to the research of Wyzowl, 84% of consumers decide to buy something after a video presentation or review of a targeted product.

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What business tasks are marketing videos useful for?

When being an active user on social media

Video is now the hottest new trend in almost all social media. Some sites consist particularly of video content, while others are actively expanding the service for it. Videos are easier to consume, gain more audience coverage, and are more likely to be distributed over the network.

To create an attractive vacancy

Good specialists do not just look for work, they choose a place where they are comfortable and where they would like to achieve success. Therefore, when looking for a new employee, it would be appropriate to create a mini-presentation about a company, where you tell about all the advantages of working for you. This approach will stand out among other offers, and it will be easier for an applicant to understand whether this vacancy is interesting or not.

For a website

In this case, a general video presentation of a company on the main page of the site will be rather appropriate. It will be easier for a potential client or partner to watch a minute-long video about you than to read big texts, jumping from page to page.

For a specific product or service

These videos may be used by business representatives or promoted on the Internet. In both cases, a video format will be appropriate and convenient, as a specific proposal is concisely presented here.

For technical support

It is especially true for some niches. For example, for any service. In order not to talk each time on the phone or in a chat on how to use this or that function, it is easier to upload a video where all the necessary actions will be clearly shown.

For a direct advertising

A video ad is still an effective promotional tool both online and offline. Whether it's a video for social networks or a screen in the subway, they are both arranged in approximately the same structure.

How to run video marketing effectively

Set a specific goal for your next video

Do not try to solve all your problems with one publication. The storytelling structure and techniques will differ between a video ad and the instruction. There is no need to try to add advertising components to the instruction and vice versa. Otherwise, the video will not work well for both purposes.

Adapt your videos to the format you want

Video formats will differ for different sites and their sections. Stories and TikTok require vertical videos, horizontal videos are for a website or presentation, and a square format can be published in the Instagram feed. Think about the user experience and the rules of the site you are hosting on.

Promote your video

Even the highest quality video with a well-thought-out structure and expensive production will go unnoticed if it is not shown to people. Many sites give almost no organic traffic even having subscribers. Therefore, you must do everything to ensure your video reaches the target audience. Most often this is paid advertising, but SEO optimization is still yielding some results.

Share your video on different platforms

If a marketing video is not aimed at a specific addressee, whether it is a partner or a client, then it will be appropriate to show a video to a wide audience. Share it on your blog or social media, post on thematic forums or client mailing lists. Don't bet on one channel. Even if other sites give fewer audience coverage, still someone may be interested in your product elsewhere.

Work with feedback

This is especially important for social media. When someone reacts to your video, leaves a comment or review, be sure to respond. This way you will show yourself as a more open company for a client, and one will start trusting you, as loyalty is a very important indicator of modern marketing.

Improve quality

Video marketing is available to anyone with a smartphone. Cameras and microphones in modern gadgets provide a sufficient level of quality to start shooting videos. But do not forget to gradually improve the quality, not only from the technical side but also from the informative one. The presentation also needs development.