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The Importance of Product Video for Business

According to Cisco forecasts, by 2021, video content will amount to more than 80% of all traffic on the Internet. And taking into consideration the popularity of video that is constantly growing today, the abovementioned prediction will probably come true. That’s why it is desirable for every business to have a video marketing strategy right now.

Product video is an individual video marketing branch, where the product is put at the core of the video. The narration is turning around a specific product and this approach has some advantages:

Search engines love sites with videos

In particular it’s about Google search engine and videos from sites hosted on YouTube. It’s unknown whether this affects an increase in search results or not. But the fact is that the video may appear separately in the first lines of a search engine. It can be a company video or a selling video. If its text description and the title are optimized for search queries, the video is likely to appear on the first page.

Videos are more likely to be spread

Including videos about the product. The product in the video does not have to be sold straight ahead, but it can be served in a form of a review or an instruction form. The audience is more willing to share such content or save it.

Product video catalog is better than just photos

It relates more to an online store or business with a numerous product line. Such videos will help you to show the product to the fullest extent from all sides - to show the texture, sounds, demonstrate a range of functions etc. Photos display the product in a less formative way.

Videos are easier to use

The user does not need to put a lot of efforts into the video usage. The person switches to the video and receives all necessary information in a short span of time. On the other hand, the text needs to be read and the reader has to look for necessary information and analyze it. Not every article or description can be looked through quickly, but videos allow you to figure everything out quickly.

Videos fit more information

You can make an effective text with photos, which will present the product and visually introduce it. But this approach has one problem - it will take more time to read this article than to display the same information in the video format. That’s why, it turns out that a person learns more watching, let’s say, a three minutes product video than reading a text for three minutes.

Promotional videos increase brand recognition

About 45% of consumers claim that they have learned about a company having seen a selling video before. That’s why videos give the greatest coverage for the first touch with a potential customer. By the way, even the word of mouth gives only 31% of the new audience.

FACT: OptinMonster survey results showed that 79% of consumers prefer to learn about a product through a product video rather than a text description.

Types of videos about products

Your product can be introduced in different ways. It all depends on the aims of the video. Videos can help you to warm up the audience, sell products or help in their long-term operation. Here are the following types of product videos:

Product Presentation. The video presentation allows you to visualize the product and its capabilities. There is no need for long introductions or the product experiments, as it is usually done in so called ‘shops at home’. Just show the functionality of the product in the customer's world. He needs to see the aspects in which his life will become better and easier when he buys your product. Present this information in a simple and concise way.

The process of creating or working on a product. The audience is interested in the backstage of their favorite brand. Show them the manufacturing process of your product, the used materials and let your audience see how all processes are conducted. This content increases brand credibility. The public feels the openness of the company, which makes it more loyal.

Company Video. Though, it is not the direct format of product video, products can be mentioned here too. In this case, you do not need to concentrate only on one particular part of your business. Take a quick tour of your business key aspects:

  • Team
  • Product or service
  • Your values ​​/ achievements / cases / major clients
  • Reviews (if any)

Typically, such videos are used on the main pages of the site as a presentation of the company. But it is also used as a material for brand introduction for potential partners or during presentations.

Instructions for use

Various checklists instructions and guides show how to use your product. The main function may be obvious, but additional features or life hacks are not clear to many people. The audience is especially grateful for such content, as it gives expert information on operation from the manufacturer or a brand representative. In this case, a person can be sure that he is doing everything correctly.

Service or Repair. A product video is not only about product presentation or advertising; it can provide some additional values. Every product has its own durability and needs to be maintained or repaired. Not every client can solve the problem on his own in case of serious breakdown or if the product is rather complicated to use. But if there are any issues that a person is able to sort out himself, it is better to give him a visual guide on this topic.

Such content is considered to be the act of the company's care about the customer. The person gets the feeling that the relationship between the brand and the buyer did not end at the sale stage. This significantly increases audience loyalty and brand credibility.

Reviews. You can and should ask your customers for the feedback. They can take a video feedback or leave it somewhere in the text form. Then you will collect the screenshots of these feedbacks for a slideshow. Social proof is an important aspect for future clients' decision making. Post them on your website or social networks so that anyone can easily familiarize themselves with them.

Review. This product video format looks like a mixture of product presentation and instructions for use. Such videos do not have to be short, as they cover all the product features. In this case, it is important to show and tell everything clearly.

Advertising Video. Everyone knows the advertising format. The video is based on one product, whose benefits are reflected in the narration and in the end there is a call to action. There are also creative or native ad formats.

FACT: The most popular branded video content is considered to be guides, instructions, checklists, and master classes. The audience wants to know how to use the purchased item.

How to make a product video in SUPA Video Maker:


Register or log into an existing account in the SUPA Video Editor


Choose the template you like from the service library. We have different formats to suit the requirements of any site


Change the template to your liking: add music, change the design to match the corporate style, or choose a more suitable text animation


Download the final video and publish it on the site you want

Use cases for product videos

For online store

As we mentioned above, the products video catalog is much more effective than the analogue with photos. One video can replace a dozen photographs from different angles and compositions. Photos and videos can also be used together. In this case, a person will be able to estimate the product visually from the photo and understand whether it is worth looking for more details in the video.

For posting on social networks

In this case, the product video will work well too, as video content on social networks gets the largest coverage. The videos are shared, they are automatically included in the news line and can interest the user, and they are easier to consume - these are not the only reasons why the social networks audience loves this content format.

For site

It can be either a company video on the main page, or a product review on the Landing Page. One high-quality video can cover the need for most of the site sections, especially if it is a one-page site.

For paid placement in contextual, targeted or television advertising

Banner advertising that is found on various portals can also be included here. Selling videos often work better when compared to text ads or static images. In this case, you need only to test the video feed, which will be more suitable for a specific target audience.

For product presentation at a meeting

As additional material for company presentation, videos can replace the need for catalogs and brochures. A person will watch a minute video and understand whether your offer suits him or not. The meeting can be held quickly and efficiently.