How to create a promo video

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What is a promo video?

Promo video is a category of promotional videos that presents a content product or service to a potential audience of buyers. According to the information presented by WYZOWL, 96% of users get acquainted with the video before buying a product. It proves that promo video is an irreplaceable advertising format. In addition, this promotion tool has an overwhelming conversion - 35% of viewers really believe the information they get through promo videos.

Varieties of promo videos: each product has its own format!

  • Image Promo Videos are brand video ads to increase company awareness. If the company does not release new products or new services in a particular period of time, but you are still striving to support and even increase demand, the image format will be the best solution for you and your company. The fact to know: 80% of users will easily remember a video ad within 30 days of watching it!
  • Product Videos is a format that presents a product from all sides: characteristics, capabilities, prices, benefits. Thus, the audience that watches the video makes purchases 1.81 times more often than other Internet users. This is especially important when your potential client is still at the selection stage.
  • Reputation Videos (instructions, reviews, feedbacks) is a category of video content that shows the real capabilities of goods, services, and the level of services.
  • Demo Graphics Videos is 2D and 3D video content, which, despite its relatively recent launch, has already conquered the audience. For example, in early summer 2020, Google announced the release of an innovative technology for 3D reviews with 220º coverage and a frequency of up to 30 frames per second.

By the way, according to Curata, the last 2 formats are the most viewed: feedbacks will be useful to 51% of viewers, training videos will be effective in 50% of cases, and demo videos will show efficiency in 49% of views.

How to make a presentation video and what to pay attention at?

According to AD AGE, 30% of viewers quit watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% - after 60 seconds, and up to 60%, according to a survey, can watch videos for more than 1 minute. What is the reason for success and failure? The video content, of course.

Key Components of Promo Videos

Clear scenario

Remember that you must have an introduction, a body, and an ending. No matter the type of promotional video, be sure to draw up a clear scenario for implementing the advertising concept. Answer 3 basic questions:

  1. What do you want to tell in the video: brand, product or personality?
  2. In what form will you bring the information: through a production, interview, story, research or presentation?
  3. What conclusion do you want the user to draw after watching the video: this is a good brand, this is a good product, this is a good company, this is a profitable offer or if it is worth buying this item right now?

Keep in mind that the first 10 seconds are the most valuable, and during this time you must grab the viewer's attention.

High quality video

The creation of a Promotional Video always has limitations in terms of duration, content, and creativity. Any factor, except quality, can be neglected. More than 90% of users watch videos at least on daily basis. And taking into account their own experience and intuitive response, they pick only the best from the entire stream of content.

Make sure that your video:

  • Contains information about the brand
  • Includes information on characteristics and significant parameters of the product
  • Broadcasts the ideas clearly for the target audience
  • Has Full HD quality
  • Has no mistakes in text messages, descriptions, and calls to action
  • Contains good quality audio: with clear and understandable speech, moderately colored emotional tone, without external sounds

Cross-platform format

Today, 9 out of 10 video views are made from mobiles, but 55% of purchases are made from desktop devices. The creation of cross-platform video formats will allow you to work with the audience equally effectively, regardless of the communication channels, which, in fact, doubles the business's chances of success.

Relevant proposals

The growth in demand for applications such as AdBlock is caused by the intrude and sometimes advertising irrelevance. Over 70% of users prefer personalized videos. Here are some things to consider in order to keep up with the trends:

  • The readiness of the target audience for information (do they know the brand or the product?)
  • Target audience interest in the offer (have they already bought or are they still at the decision-making stage?)
  • The relevance of placing a video clip on a specific site (a media site or a narrow-profile forum?)

Are you ready to try creating your first online promo right now? Then go to the video maker and create for the success of your business, and we will help you!