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Package an event, presentation, or product information in a slideshow format. You will find different options for template solutions in our constructor library. Choose the option you like and change it to your needs.

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What are types of slideshows

Event videos for memory

After any event or celebration, you can make a memorable video even if there was no videographer. It is enough to have photos, does not matter from a professional photographer or from several smartphones of your friends.

Once you have assembled a photo slideshow, you can add text, an introductory slide with the title and date of the event, an animated cover, and much more. So, instead of the usual folder with photos, you get an interesting video from an event with a description and animated elements.

Greeting Cards

Here the video can simply consist of beautiful images, on which the text with wishes will be superimposed on top. You can find quality images with a free license in our library. This means that you don't have to worry about copyright even if you publish such a video to the public.

You can also make a slideshow of photos with music. This approach would be appropriate for congratulating family or colleagues. Overlay your slideshow with music from your library, or select tunes from the YouTube library. Congratulations will be even more pleasant in such a form.


It is convenient to submit statistics and other data in slide show format. Show graphs and diagrams, highlight key points on the slides and do not hide them in a large paragraph of text - a person perceives such kind of information visually. You can also make infographics more lively by using animation.


This approach is best suited for those professionals who can show their work visually. For example, designers, florists, architects or builders. A visual example is always better than multiple links to different portals and services. Besides, the structure of creating such a portfolio is simple - a slide with brief information about the project and goals, and two or three slides with already completed work.


Video resume is one of the best formats to present yourself. It is easier for the employer to understand it and highlight the main thing, and the applicant can tell more about himself in a short period of time.


With the help of a slide show, you can present a product, the company itself, and a new project or its separate function. This format is used for these particular purposes. It is easy to use and to read, and also serves as a good aid to the speaker. We wrote more about creating a high-quality presentation in this material.

Why slideshows are good for business

Slide show is a content presentation format. Like any other format (article, video, podcast, etc.), they can be used for different purposes:

  • Selling, using the slideshow as a commercial or an advertising banner on the site.
  • Involving through interesting infographics or videos with facts / life hacks that users will want to discuss.
  • Presenting goods, project, company or even idea, telling about all the advantages of your proposal.
  • Teaching how to use a company's product or service options.
  • Entertaining the audience, collecting a selection of funny images on your business subject.
  • Engaging your audience, by creating a slideshow on a relevant topic to people, which will spread across the web.
  • Informing customers about changes in the opening hours, relocation of a store, goods receipt and any other important information.

And that's not all the tasks for which you can create a slideshow. Such a video is suitable for publication on the website, posting on social networks, and offline advertising on city screens.

FACT: Uscreen research has shown that online store orders increase 50% when a video is posted on the product page. A slide show is also suitable for this purpose. Expand your product and tell us what you can use slide show additionally with.

How to make a slideshow in SUPA Video Maker:


Register or log in an existing account in the SUPA editor


Choose the template you like from our library. It has different formats that fit the requirements of any site


Change the template to your needs: choose a different slide transition animation, add music, or animate an object


Download the video and use it for your own purposes

How to create a good quality slideshow

Select quality images

Most gadgets, even mobile ones, have built-in high-resolution screens. Therefore, to make your photo slideshow look attractive, use a good quality photo for this. If they start to blur or break into pixels, then place several of them on one slide. Such collages will also look decent.

The same goes for ordinary pictures or illustrations. No matter how you use them - for background or rendering, choose pictures of high resolution. If you cannot find the option you need in good quality, use our library. There you will find images on various topics of the required resolution and with a free license.

Discover the audience for which the slide show is being created

The more you know about the future viewer, the more suitable version of the slide show you will make. Discover the target audience on a future speech or the entrepreneur to whom you will send an affiliate proposal in a similar format. This will help you to understand in what style you can arrange the video, what images to use and whether you need background music in your case. All these small things help to create a slideshow of a good quality.

Choose light background music

Most often, music is used in greeting cards or presentation videos on the site. In the first case, the melody in the background helps to convey the festive mood and in some way adds value to the congratulations. In the second option, it is important for you not to distract the viewer from the essence of the information and simply accompany it with a pleasant sound background. There are cases when the melody does not fit at all under some commercial videos. Then it is better to give up background music and not annoy those people who will watch it.

Define a goal

Don’t forget to define a purpose before to create a slideshow. This affects both the approach to creation and the embedded meaning. If the work is done for personal use as a photo album, then animations and the correct font are not so important. The value of this video is different. But in case when the project is done for a large audience, clients or partners, then you need to take it with due seriousness. Do not lose the logic of the story, highlight key messages, use a well-thought-out visual language, and more.

Be consistent

Each slide show has its own specifics, so it's difficult to talk about the sequence of slides in general. But there is a number of aspects that should be observed for a comfortable viewing:

  • if video contains minimum text, choose the chronological or thematic order of the story
  • add a variety of plans or colors so that there is no feeling that each new slide repeats the previous one
  • avoid abrupt color changes or photo processing so that the slideshow looks consistent and does not press on the eyes
  • if you have background music, try not to "stumble" over the transition of slides

The further thread of the narrative already depends on what message you want to convey with your work. Don't jump from topic to topic, but tell your story consistently.

Use transitions and animations

Our editor has many options for transitions between slides, animation of text or objects and other interactive elements. Use these features to focus the user's attention where you need it, and also to make the slide show look more lively. Static slides will only be relevant during the speaker's speech.

Work with text

Don't forget about layout, font combinations, and placement. The text should not cover important visual elements that help in the storytelling. But also it should not be too small so that it is comfortable to read it not only on large screens, but also, for example, on phones. The font must be readable and it is better not to use more than two font variants on one slide.

Don't interrupt the narration

The video should not end at the next transition of the slide. Smoothly bring the logic of the story to the conclusion that the slide show will end soon, or make a final slide that will show the end of the video. So the person will not be surprised that the video suddenly cut off and he will not experience even the slightest discomfort.


  • Can I add videos to the slideshow?

    Yes it is possible. The video can be placed in the background, and a caption or title can be added on top.

  • Can I make HD quality videos with your tool?

    Yes. This feature is available in the paid version. With the Premium plan you can make a video in 720px quality, and with the Premium Plus plan in 1080px quality. This resolution will be enough for both a large screen and a smartphone.

  • Is it possible to choose the duration of each slideshow element?

    Our editor allows you to select the duration of the display not only of the ready slide, but also of each of its fragments. For example, you can show just images at the beginning of the slide, then the title will appear and after a couple of seconds it will change a paragraph of text.