Create Social Networks Videos Quickly and Easily

Our video maker has various video templates for popular social networks. Choose any template you like and adapt it for your needs and liking.

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How to make a video for social network using SUPA Video Maker:


Register or log into an existing account in the SUPA Video Maker


Choose any template you like for the video format you need. For example, vertical videos are suitable for stories, square video format is better for Instagram line, and horizontal video - for VK


Change the template according to your purposes: add text or animation; add music; change colors or general style


Download the final video and post it on your social networks

The importance of video content for SMM

Nowadays videos are considered to be the most engaging content on social media. Videos are easy to consume, they convey a lot of information in a short period of time and attract more attention in the news line. It is easier for audience to watch a one minute video than to read a massive longread that will take much more time.

The demand for video content is also proved by new platforms and social media updates. TikTok is popular today; Instagram videos are used in several formats. Other sites also have the opportunity to publish videos and stories, and the work on the development of these formats is being carried out almost everywhere.

How to Create Effective Social Network Videos

Define the video goal. Choose what you want to achieve with the help of the video: sell a product, tell about the product, entertain, educate, etc. The goal will help you to create the structure of the video and convey your specific message.

Choose a video format. SUPA Video Maker allows you to make videos of any size and aspect ratio. Decide in what form you want the information to be submitted: stories, square Instagram videos or horizontal videos for social networks. Having chosen the desired template in our library, you can make a high-quality video.

Find out the tastes of your audience. You must be aware of your target audience’s preferences. This minimizes the chance that they will not like the video or, even worse, alienate them from your brand. Define the consumer interests, hobbies, and current issues. Then you can emotionally affect your potential customers.

Video Quality. Video picture and sound must be at an acceptable level. Studio shooting for social networks is not necessary, but you should not close your eyes to problem video resolution or sound noise. If you don't have your own video, but you don't want to make a slideshow, you can add to the background any videos from our library.

Call To Action. Remember to place a call to action at the end of the video: follow the link, call the number, write a personal direct message etc. This will help the users to realize what is expected from them and they will understand how to get acquainted with your offer better. Without a call to action, a person may not even think that it is possible to go to the site or write a direct message.

Add text to your video. Watching videos on social networks with sound on is not always convenient for people. 85% of VKontakte and Facebook users watch videos with mute sound. If you want to convey the video message to your potential clients and not to lose them, it is advisable to duplicate the key thoughts with text or subtitles. The emphasis on the text can be put in different ways, depending on various cases. SUPA Video Maker allows you to work with text as you like, changing the font, size and color.

Types of social network videos

Video Resume. Tell about yourself on camera by adding infographic elements. Or simply list your experience and useful skills in video format.

Promotional Video. Tell about your product or service by creating a video that highlights the benefits of the offer. You can find out how to do it right here. The SUPA library has templates for any social network that can be modified to suit your needs. For Facebook videos the horizontal format is suitable, but for Instagram it is better to make the videos in square or vertical format.

Commercial Stories. This is not a story where you say something on the front camera of your phone and fill in Instagram stickers. It's about a different approach to the tool: smooth frame transitions, animation, work with text, music overlay and much more that the SUPA editor allows to do.

Training Video. Visualize the benefits of your product, show how to maintain it, or explain different variants how you use it. If you want to know how to make an educational video useful for your audience, read here.

Things to Consider When Creating Social Network Videos

Don't use someone else's content. If you use the content of another person without author’s permission, then, at best, your video will be simply removed or not allowed into targeted advertising. At worst, you will face fines and litigation.

Use different approaches for creating your videos. By trial and error, you will find the most appropriate formats that best suit your target audience.

Don't make long introductory screensavers. This is not television or cinema advertising. If the logo of your brand dances and makes pirouettes on the first frames for more than two seconds, a potential customer will scroll the video rather quickly. Remember: the closer to the point, the better.

Don't try to fit too much information into a short timing. In this case, the video will turn out to be too overloaded and difficult to perceive. The best option is one video = one thought or one product.

Recommended video sizes for social networks:

Facebook - 1280x720px (aspect ratio 9:16 or 2: 3). .Mp4 and .mov formats.

Instagram - 600x600px or 600x750px (aspect ratio 1: 1 or 4: 5). .Mp4 and .mov formats.

VK - 640x360px and above (aspect ratio 9:16 and 4: 5). .Mp4, .mov., .Mpeg4, .avi, .wmv, .flv and others.