Creating a promotional video for Twitter

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Create a promotional video for Twitter

Twitter was ranked # 2 in popularity among social networks worldwide in the spring of 2020, according to StatCounter. Its attendance was about 14% from all devices. It is noteworthy that Twitter is no longer just an entertainment network: according to data from the Twitter business page, 85% of small and medium business owners use it to communicate with their customers. Omnicore published statistics and numbers on Twitter for 2019, based on which it is clear that 80% of Internet users are people with an average and upper middle income. Twitter is a great platform to advertise.

Talking about creating video for Twitter as an advertisement, this trend is now very popular among business owners and marketers. It's all about user reaction: An internal Twitter study showed that daily video views grew by 62% in 2019, and the time users spent watching videos by 72%.

However, in order to stand out among the competition and your Twitter promo video aroused interest and motivated the user to become a client, there are a few rules to follow when creating a video.

How to Make a video for Twitter: practical tips

Adapted videos for Twitter generate 33% more emotional engagement than non-adapted videos, according to a study by Twitter. To create a successful promo campaign, use the following tips:

  • Create a video that is 6-15 seconds long - the maximum engagement is maintained exactly in this time period, according to the research of Wistia;
  • the name or logo of the brand should appear in the frame in the first seconds;
  • add titles for those users who watch videos without sound - more than 80%, according to various sources, do not switch on audio when watching videos;
  • use video sizes and aspect ratios that are convenient for viewing on a mobile device (16: 9) - 93% of users watch video content on their smartphones;
  • create videos with indirect advertising - educational and entertainment formats are better perceived and remembered by the audience.

Consider the following statistics when creating your video for Twitter: The number of men and women in the social network is unequal - 34% of female users versus 66% of men. Age ratio: 38% — from 18 to 29 years, 26% — from 30-49 years.

Technical parameters of video

  • maximum size: 1GB;
  • video format for Twitter: MP4 or MOV;
  • maximum duration: 140 seconds;
  • resolution: 1920 × 1200
  • aspect ratio: 16:9 or 1:1

Educational videos (instructions, life hacks, screencasts) are the most frequently created video content among marketers - 72% of the total number of advertising videos


Promotional video for Twitter First View

Twitter pays a lot of attention to the development of video content on its platform. This is due to its popularity among users: 82% of users watch videos on a social network every day, and the video tweets receive 157% more responses (statistics provided by Twitter).

First View is a new opportunity for businesses to place their promo videos first on a social media feed. It is known that users are more receptive to ads when they first visit a social network in a day. With the help of First View, businesses can build trust with their subscribers, increase their brand awareness, and turn a multi-million dollar audience into their customers.

The annual results since the launch of First View have proven the program's effectiveness, according to internal Twitter research: the first videos that users saw find more responses by 22% than those videos that were located lower in the feed. The raising of brand awareness increased by 58%, and the decision to purchase a product or service by 13%.

Twitter is a platform with a solvent community. There are 31 million users in the USA who visit their social media page every day and participate in its monetization.

Video specifications for Twitter First View

  • video file size: 512 MB;
  • maximum duration: 1 minute, but 6-15 seconds is recommended;
  • maximum frame rate: 40 frames per second and pixel ratio 1:1;
  • audio accompaniment and titles: available;
  • file format: MP4;
  • minimum size: 32 x 32 pixels;
  • maximum size: 1920 x 1200 pixels;
  • aspect ratio: between 1: 2.39 - 2.39: 1;
  • video format: 16: 9 wide.

Step-by-step guiadance for creating a video

Make video for Twitter is easy and convenient with SUPA Video Maker:

  • go through a simple registration on the site;
  • choose a template that you like;
  • using the tips, educational video or tutorials, transform the template at your taste;
  • save and import video;
  • add the video to the promotional account on the social network.

SUPA is a free, simple video maker, with the help of which you can quickly create an advertising video adapted for all popular social networks without special skills and equipment. Now you can also make a video for Twitter and other platforms!


  • Can I create animated videos with SUPA?

    You can create and integrate animated objects (LOTTIE) into slides, for example, a call to action button.

  • What is Wizard?

    Wizard — essentially, it is a lightweight version of the video maker. This tool was developed to speed up the process of creating videos. In this way, we make sure that you save your time with us.

  • Can I do screen recording with SUPA?

    Yes, the video creator has the option to make a screencast. You can record from the entire screen, select an area of the screen, or a separate tab.