Create an advertising video that helps you to oversmart your competitors

SUPA is a Video Maker which helps you create commercials to promote your business. The wide functionality of the video editor allows you to quickly and efficiently create unique videos even without professional skills.

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Why does your business need video ads?

Promotional video has become an integral part of any brand’s promotion. Videos have proven to be effective - video marketing increases conversions and sales by 80%. Advertising videos format allows you to quickly and clearly show your product and its benefits from. In the video, you can tell a full story, influence your potential buyer through the right colors, associations, images and sounds. Last year, the online advertising segment grew by 20%.

Today, online video advertising can be created quickly, efficiently and at no extra cost. You can create the perfect video for your advertising promotion for any social network in 15 minutes using the SUPA Video Maker.

Video drives sales and traffic to your website. Detailed video instructions on how to use your product can even help reduce the time and resources of your tech support or call center. In the video you can convey to the clients the benefits of your products for them, and video stories help to better understand the product and its proper purpose. The more detailed the videos itself, the more likely the buyer will gain the necessary skills in handling your product. But at the same time, the video should not be too long or drawn out.

More than 70% of YouTube users watch educational videos or videos that step by step help to solve the problem. It’s a golden niche for your business, best advertising video strategy. Facebook is the second largest source of consumption of video content (according to HubSpot).

In a 2018 HubSpot poll, 54% of consumers claimed that they wanted to see more video content from the brand or business they support. Videos provide for your company an opportunity to introduce new products to a loyal audience, to test product launches to a narrow audience before launching to a wider one.

Good video ads are highly valued and well received by clients. YouTube made over $ 15 billion in advertising alone in 2019. Video clips created with our Video Maker are full-fledged commercials. But at the same time, your budget will not suffer and your expenses, both time and money, will be at the minimal level. The budget that you could have spent on a video editor you can spend instead on your paid promotion or your business.

Do professional video advertising without budgets in SUPA

The algorithm of creating an advertisement video in SUPA Video Maker is simple: you choose a template you like from our huge library and modify it to suit you and your target audience. In our editor, you can create a video from photos or creative animated video. Your business presentation videos can give you up to + 200% brand awareness. We have thousands of professional photos from stock libraries such as Storyblocks, Pixabay and Pexels, so you can create videos for any taste and for any purpose.

To use all the features of SUPA Video Maker, you don’t need to have special skills or to hire a team of designers. Good taste, understanding of your audience and 15 minutes of your time is enough. The editor's interface is clear and simple, all functions are detailed, there are tons of video instructions on how to use the Video Maker.

In SUPA, you can add or change backgrounds, upload your own videos, or use existing templates. Feel free to add text with a short description of your product or discounts, change the color and font size. Animate the entire text and the entire video, use our huge collection of emojis, stickers, various design elements. Do not forget about brand colors and logos – they always win because the user can easily identify your brand.

You will be surprised how, with a minimum of effort and cost, you can get a creative ad video in the correct format. Also, it will be professionally executed and will interest your potential customers.

With SUPA, you don't have to pay for expensive services of video editors, now you can create videos online yourself. You can experiment as much and often as you like with creating promotional videos.

Video has become the # 1 format in media strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics. 74% of all marketers in the world continue to invest in social media marketing (and video content is gradually coming to the fore on social media). And the most popular types of videos are brand storytelling and promotional videos.

What you get with SUPA:

  • Opportunity to create video directly in the browser, no need to install software and "clutter" your computer;
  • MP4 or GIF output;
  • Conversion between sizes;
  • HD quality;
  • Intuitive interface of the video maker;
  • Thousands of high-quality photos, videos from our libraries;
  • Pre-made templates for any purpose and any social networks;
  • Ability to create videos for free. The wide functionality of the free version will cover the maximum of your desires;
  • Hundreds of elements, emoji, stickers, backgrounds;
  • Ability to add your own fonts and logos;
  • Ability to add music (available in the paid version);
  • Inspiration from our users' templates;
  • Quality of video – 1080 pixels.

How to make a video that people would like to watch to the end

If you are not making a promo video to promote your business, then get started right now. Register an account in SUPA without any hesitation and create your first video in 15 minutes. Making videos online is easier than you think. You don’t need to install programs on your computer, you can simply create a video in any browser and even from a mobile phone, for example, for Instagram.

But how do you create an ad video that your potential customers won't miss? We've put together 11 universal tips to help you to create an engaging, sales-oriented video.

  1. Start telling stories. Storytelling sells. Think in advance about interesting scenario or plot course.
  2. Mix your photos of your product with our selection of professional photos and videos that support your brand values.
  3. Scientists have proven that impressions and emotions make a person much happier than just purchases and goods themself. Inspire people in your videos for an action, promote a certain lifestyle, make them want to experiment. Don't just sell a product but sell an idea or lifestyle through a video.
  4. Think carefully about the first 3-5 seconds of the video. They will either catch the attention of your potential client, or user will simply leave to surf the Internet. Use information about sales or discounts in the beginning of your video, intrigue viewers with the subsequent unfolding story, provoke, ask questions, or make customers to think.
  5. Create different videos for different social networks. Video for Instagram is different from video for a business presentation or for LinkedIn. Each social network has its own audience and purpose.
  6. Show something new or unusual about your brand, show your products from interesting side. Or show viewers how your production works.
  7. Tell clients in the video about your values as a business, about your social and corporate responsibility. People love to buy from socially responsible brands.
  8. Use Call To Action in your promotional video. But try to not use a standard and annoying “buy only our product” but create a slight feeling of scarcity of goods, play on users’ emotions.
  9. Create a video that will be useful to potential buyers. Think about their benefits when creating a video. Make positive videos.
  10. Experiment with the formats, duration, and plot of your videos.
  11. Analyze feedbacks, preferences of your audience and create new videos based on those feedbacks.

But don't forget that you must bring positive impact to the life and comfort of your audience. Take the time to plan your content strategy before creating your video. Choose the formats and frequency of posting on your social networks. Never share videos with your audience simply because they exist.

Publish relevant videos on topics that are close to your business, industry, and you personally as a business leader. Your audience with low engagement or comments will let you know which topics are no longer relevant. By listening to the opinions of your current and potential customers, you can determine for yourself the ideal formats, quantity and time of publishing.

How to make a high-quality video advertising

To create video online is easy. The video, however, shouldn’t be of poor quality or one that does not reveal ideas. Good quality, an interesting plot or story, creative elements, and the ability to interact with the video are key to making a great one.

It is important for your clients to know that you put in the effort to create the video. If you plan to show more than one product in the video, then each of showings shouldn’t be more than five seconds, this will add liveliness and dynamic to your ad video. Try different frames and the speed with which text appears on the screen. Combine animated text and video.

Think about what idea you want to convey in each specific video. Set goals for your ad to achieve. Will it be direct sales, or brand awareness, or product exposure? The answers to these questions will set the right direction for your ad.

Don't copy competitors' ads, create your own one and let it be creative. Try to detach yourself from comparisons and associations with a competitor. People buy more from unique brands.

Select the platform for which you are preparing your video and find out about all the basic technical requirements for video resolution, format and orientation. And, of course, follow these guidelines when creating your video, then your ad will hit the target.