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What is a resume and why do you need it?

A resume is a profile format to describe a person who is looking for a job. The purpose of a resume is to show the applicant’s professional skills and convey them clearly to a potential employer.

Resume submission is the first step that proceeds to an interview or a test assignment, and then getting a job. A poorly designed profile will spoil the impression about even the most suitable candidate. Therefore, it is important to create a resume of proper quality, with the information that is important for a particular job vacancy.

Resume formats

Generalized. This is the type of resume that is written as a description of a person and his/her professional skills. Here the applicant notes in general how useful he can be and what position he would like to get. The desired salary is also mentioned in the resume. This format is used for posting on message boards, professional chats and communities hopefully that a future employer will see it.

Private. This type of resume is prepared for a specific vacancy. All skills and professional merits are indicated taking into account the requirements of the employer. For example, for a designer job vacancy there is no need to indicate in the resume that you know how to make coffee or repair machines. This format is not mass-distributed for all ads, but is sent to a specific company.

How to write a resume with SUPA Video Maker:


Register or log into an existing account in the SUPA editor.


Choose the desired template from the service internal library. For video resumes we recommend a horizontal or square video format.


Change the template to your liking: add text, object or animation, add subtle background music, or style your resume in the corporate colors of a potential employer.


Download the final video and send it to the desired companies.

Why is a video resume better than a text version?

The video format is easier to perceive. An effective short resume will show all the points of interest to the employer much faster than the text. The video can have the slideshow format and consist of several frames, or to be in the form of a conversation video located on any video hosting. The main thing is to stick to a few basic rules, which we will discuss below.


Try to create a resume in the small talk format, or ‘lift conversations’ as it is also called. The thing is that in just 20 seconds you need to tell the other person the key information about yourself. The information should describe your competencies and benefits for the company.

What resume mistakes do employers complain about?

Some recruiters receive hundreds of profiles every day, and only one suitable candidate has to be selected. The number of letters rather complicates this task, but the applicants are not trying to make their future colleagues’ life easier. Numerous HR specialists’ surveys have shown the main issues that are not desirable to use while creating a resume:

Insignificant information. If the information about the presence of children, social status, preferences and hobbies is not asked in the vacancy, then there is no necessity to indicate it. When minor skills are listed along with professional ones, it increases the time to perceive the resume. Be attentive to vacancy requirements and don't clutter your resume with all sorts of skills list.

The position is indicated, but the range of work is not described. Different companies may have different requirements for the same position. For example, in an advertising agency, a designer deals with printing, graphic design, and social media design. Elsewhere, the designer solves only the tasks related to site or application design. The employer does not have to guess what were your responsibilities and duties in your previous job. For that briefly show the range of tasks that you solved.

Desire to stand out. Some people, when looking for a job, are trying to be remembered by all means. The text component can be written in the form of a poem or in the recognizable style of a popular author. Graphic resumes can be tailored in TV show visual style or come up with their own concept. Such presentation only complicates the information perception. This approach hardly ever works when looking for a job. That’s why it is better to present yourself in a more standard way.

The previous employer’s company activities are not indicated. Even when indicating the name of the previous job, many people do not mention the range of company activities. Thus, the recruiter has to search the additional information on the net in order to understand whether the candidate fits or not. The best thing is to indicate the field of activity or at least give a site link to simplify the search for information.

Experience and skill deception. HR community doesn’t like exaggerating and, what is more, lies. No matter how well a person shows off in his/her resume, the deception is often revealed during the interview. Demonstrate your real skills and evaluate your capabilities critically, then you will be able to avoid such awkward situations.

Template formulations. Words like stress-resistant, communicative and easy to learn drives any recruiter mad. And this is not the whole list of stamps. Try to avoid such definitions and be more specific about yourself. Give an example or just point out that you don't faint at the sight of clients. It will be much easier to understand.

How to write a resume

A private resume for a specific vacancy. For a desired vacancy always send at least a bit personalized resume. Show that you are in some way knowledgeable about the company or may be using its services. If specific tasks are known, then briefly describe how you would solve them. Don't exaggerate trying to please the recruiter. There is no need to say, that you have been always dreaming of working only in this company, even if you really have. But there is no use in sending an impersonal resume suitable for both the waiter's vacancy and the director's vacancy.

Covering letter. When submitting a video resume, write just two paragraphs about yourself in your covering letter: why you are suitable for this position, and what aspects you will be especially useful in. It would also be useful to add a link to the portfolio, if available. It will increase the chances for the resume to be opened.

Short and succinct. Do not try to list all your achievements into the application form, starting with your kindergarten time or your first job as a waiter. Briefly tell about your education, experience, successful projects and skills that are useful for this job. If it is appropriate, you can talk about a hobby. The shorter and more substantial the video is, the more likely it will be watched till the end.

High-quality current photo. There is no need to upload over-edited photos, with superimposed effects or those where you can't be seen clearly. Even a simple selfie on modern smartphone camera will be enough to add to your resume. Also, don't overdo with photos when creating your resume. You might be tempted by the video resume capacity and share an entire personal photo session with your employer. It is better not to do this, even if you want to show your personality from all sides.

Don't forget about your contacts. In any resume, there is a risk either to forget about the contacts, or to indicate them with some mistakes. Pay attention to this issue, otherwise no one will be able to contact you, even if you are considered to be suitable for a job position. Taking into account, that hundreds of people apply for this job, your letter is most likely to be lost after opening, and there will be no possibility to write a response.